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E-daily | After the Fallout

++ It's only been a few days, but Europe is still coming to terms with this weekend ++ Conchita settles in to her role as Queen of Europe ++ Russia still not impressed ++ Eurovision clarity! ++ And all of the news after this weekend's Eurovision Song Contest!

Moustache-Tag | Calm After the Storm

The first night was one hell of a show, but like the internet junkies you are it could not have been done without every nook and cranny of your thoughts being bunched into 140 characters or less every 5 minutes! Here is the round up of all the drama off the stage and on the web!

E-daily | It's a finally here!

++ Eurovision has arrived! ++ The 1st Semi Final will be broadcast live from Copenhagen tonight ++ Russia ready for backlash ++ Is Copenhagen really green? ++ And all the Eurovision news and gossip!

Moustache-Tag | Feeling the love?

We are getting into the swing of things now, both in Copenhagen and here on 12points, and we are certainly feeling the love for the acts, and they are in return. But is twitter all that loving?

Moustache-Tag | Rising Tensions

Rehearsals are in full swing, and so is our fan base, posting incessantly like they have nothing better to do with their time then being fixated on someone's life. In the real world we call it stalking; Virtually, we call it Twitter!

Moustache-Tag | Opinionated

Another day, another day wasted on Twitter! But instead of tweeting what I had for breakfast like most Twitter-philes, I have spent it finding out what you feel as the first rehearsals of Eurovision are in full swing!

Moustache-Tag | Twitter and Eurovision

In the run up to all the excitement, drama and flamboyance that is the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, I think it's time that we take a look at what is going on behind the scenes, as I go through the best and worst of what it is to be a Eurovision fan on twitter!

E-daily | Setting the stage

++ Eurovision in concert gallery ++ The Eurovision stage is nearing completion ++ A greener Copenhagen? ++ And even more Eurovision news!

E-daily | Europe have decided!

++ The entries for Eurovision have now been entered! ++ Conchita rises like a phoenix++ New verions of Tick Tock and Cheesecake ++ Videos galore! ++ And more Eurovision news!

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