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Loreen- "My Heart Is Refusing Me"

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Before "Euphoria", ESC 2012 winner Loreen shared her heart in Sweden's national final. 

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We heart Loreen. When had the chance to meet her before her Melodifestivalen win, she was at the end of a long journey to find herself as an artist and as a person. Part of this journey included her 2011 Melodifestivalen appearance with the song "My Heart Is Refusing Me". Up against Eric Saade's hoodie, some dancing pieces of licorice, schlager queen Sanna Nielsen and Danny Saucedo tired of plagirism complaints, Loreen held her own with her very different, off-kilter song, some piercing looks and the ectascy/anguish way of singing that she perfected with "Euphoria". I remember watching this live with some friends and wondering where the hell Loreen came from.  Who would have known she could win it all the following year?

The 12points jury does it's analysis below. Did we find that our heart is refusing us, or it's just refuse?

Song/Lyrics - 12/12
Loreen had a hand in writing this song and like "Euphoria", it reaches deep into the unshakeable power of love. In this case, it's not as positive a message as "Euphoria", but none the less, it was certainly much different and deeper than any other MF 2011 entry. The melody is just a little bit off the rhythm you'd expect, with some notes coming in right off the beat in the beginning, and building into a chorus in only 30 seconds. This last thing is important to Eurovision songs if they want to grab people immediately.

Performance - 10/12
You can see that Loreen is an artist that thinks about every moment. There is nothing in how she performs left to random chance, and the way she sings is with enough passion to push everything forward. This thoughtful way of putting things together is a bit reduced by the movement around her. Her backing dancers don't take away too much - there are a lot of jerky movements which look like they are depicting torn up anguish, and I can understand how they were used as a counterpoint to what Loreen was doing.

Choreography (including Arm-ography and Hair-ography) - 6/12
There seems to be a fear among European artists across EBU countries that choreography should never be slow and graceful. Often it's there to cover up a bad song but in this case it seems that going down the fast and jerky movement route doesn't pay off. If this song was performed without backing dancers, it may not have felt as complete when compared to how Eurovision songs are staged these days. But as you can see, it's just not what we feel is necessary for such a delicate flower like Loreen. Maybe we were a bit spoiled by what she did this year.

Camp Factor - 8/12
This lower rating in this case doesn't reflect quality - maybe this song is too good to be called camp. What works in Loreen's favour in this case is the fact she contrasts the icy (bright white blasts of light and very cold makeup) with the hot (her red outfit and the agressive choreography) does score a few points in the over-the-top stakes.

Would My Mother Like it? - 10/12
Definitely. Usually she likes song that score high on the camp factor stakes but I think the deep emotions of this song would appeal to her. After all, Barry Manilow is her all time favourite artist and he specializes in deeeeeep love songs. Don't know Barry? Here you go: 

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TOTAL: 46/60.  A great start for Loreen, which she improved upon in 2012. Let's hope that her upcoming album released in September will give us more of the same.

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