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Bardo - "One Step Further"

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One step further and we would have been there! A classic UK entry.

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This song has a deeper connection to me than most Eurovision entries. Sally Ann Triplett, the female half of Bardo, evolved in post-Eurovision years onto a hardworking musical theatre actress. She's what you call a triple-threat in the theatre industry - she can sing, act and dance with equal skill. In 2003 I was directing a show in London and she came in to audition. The producer, knowing what a Eurovision addict I was, warned me not to ask her about her Eurovision moment because "It's very unprofessional". But I couldn't control myself - on stage at the theatre was true Eurovision royalty, auditioning for ME of all people! After she finished I said to her, "Great job, blah blah blah talking about the show blah blah, and BY THE WAY, tell me about your Eurovision entries." (she'd also performed in 1980)  The producer rolled her eyes.

Here's the result of the 12points jury: did the song go one step further for 12 points?

Song/Lyrics - 12/12
Rhythmically, this song is more complicated than most Eurovision songs, playing a bit with time signatures. The lyrics made the best of the singers' youth, with the two of them trading comments about the love that could have been. Lyrically they may not have fallen into each other's arms, but a high kick by Sally Ann probably signifies a more positive future. In a an ESC year filled with some strange songs - the Finnish one about sleeping too late and a tango called HIM from Spain, this song is one of the most fun and upbeat in the 1982 contest. Additionally, having a live orchestra really works well in this song, because live drums will always be better than recorded ones.

Performance - 10/12
Top notch, and they make mic technique look easy. You had to be really well versed, as a performer, in how to use a mic in those days - notice when you watch the video how much maneuvering the singers must do with the wires in order not to trip over them while doing a twirl.

Choreography (including Arm-ography and Hair-ography) - 10/12
Bardo work their hardest by running in between each other, backing up, swiveling some hips, walking away, walking back... for being only two of them they work hard covering the performance space. It's a shame they kept their backing singers out of the way because they look like they just want to jump onto the stage - but it was traditional to keep the backing singers in the back. Interestingly, this song was tipped to win the whole contest, and came into a lot of criticism for focusing too much on choreography and not on singing. 

Key Change Effectiveness - 8/12
Well done, worked into the melody at the right time, but some mic balance problems throws it off a bit.

Camp Factor - 12/12
Um... hello! Stephen Fischer's trousers. 

TOTAL: 52/60.  All in all, a great Eurovision song - upbeat, colorful and well presented. But what about the single that Bardo released commercially after that?  Take a look. SO 80s.


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