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Jessy Matador - "Allez Ola Olé"

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Booty shaking, naked backing singers, lots of hair - here comes 2010's Jessy Matador.

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If there is one word that rarely enters into conversation when speaking about the Eurovision Song Contest, it's the word "sexy". Here at we spend hours writing about and discussing all things Eurovision, but I can't remember us every saying to ourselves, "which song is the most sexy that you know of?"  This could be because most of staff speak Dutch and yours truly doesn't understand any Dutch except for the words "lekker" and "gouda", but nevertheless, let's start the sexy topic of discussion. First subject: Jessy Matador's song "Allez Ola Olé". This song brought some much needed warmth to Oslo when it appeared.

Here's the result of the 12points jury: were we more in favour of "ola" or "olé"?

Song/Lyrics - 12/12
Those in France who organize the Eurovision selection kept it internal that year, after spending most of the 2000s languishing at the bottom of ESC Final results. First time I heard this song, I thought that it was a rejected song from the Euro 2010 football championships. This gets the full 12 for being so different, catchy and unassuming, and as regular readers of this column know, I like something that pays a bit of attention to different, local sounds. You may think that Matador's Congolese sound is not local to France, however with African culture and music so ingrained in France's DNA after years of colonialism, it could be considered a part of what makes for French music.

Performance - 12/12
The performance is fast and joyous, and what always strikes me when watching this video is how insane the crowd at the stadium was at the start of the song. They knew they were going to get something good. Three important things to note here:
1. The shirtless backing singer/dancer.
2. The shirtless backing singer/dancer. and...
3. The shirtless backing singer/dancer. With tattoos. 

Choreography (including Arm-ography and Hair-ography) - 12/12
Simplicity is the key here, but when a number of people do the same movement at the same time (and if it's done well), it looks amazing. Additionally, how many Eurovision songs do you know with room for a dance break?  This one has one.  The foot stomping, arm-waving style they chose to use is very effective. On further investigation, the hip roll they use is something common in Congolese dancing, so there you go. Did we mention the shirtless backing singer/dancer does a backflip, without his shirt on?

Key Change Effectiveness - 0/12
Allez Ola No Way! An unfortunate deduction here.  

Camp Factor - 8/12
This song is fun, and everyone on stage knows it. So as far as unintentional camp goes, it's not got too much. However - butt slapping, winks to the camera, and the little cries of pleasure when the female vocalist sings her bit get a few points here. 

TOTAL: 44/60.  If only we had some extra points we could award for hot backing singers. Oh well.

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