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CatCat - "Bye Bye Baby"

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And tonight's entry will be performed by two women wearing colorful vintage lingerie.

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I can see the brainstorming session that the producer of CatCat had when deciding how to best present "Bye Bye Baby" in Dublin in 1994. "Let's see - I picture underwear... vintage bejewelled underwear. Rappers! No, not rappers... dancers who look like rappers, wearing matching outfits!  Yes that's it- big hair, lingerie, VINTAGE lingerie, hip hop dancers, I picture a giant tiger coming out on stage and attacking the audience at the end... what, we can't use that?"  Bye Bye Baby is one of those songs where, if you close your eyes, it sounds great, but if you open your eyes, it's like witnessing a car crash involving lingerie.

Here's the result of the 12points jury: hello douze points or bye bye first place?

Song/Lyrics - 10/12
Actually, not quite sure what genre this is, kind of dancey pop, kind of disco, kind of Finnish Eurovision entry... it's strage but 17 years later it still holds up pretty well. I can see hundreds of Finnish drag queens (if they even have hundreds in Finland) performing this song with passion and desire. The lyrics are a bit lost on me, but the song sounds appropriately angry considering the title.

Performance - 10/12
Misguided but solidly professional. Sisters Virpi and Katja sing the hell out of this song and appear well-rehearsed as they generally tower over the backing dancers. I still can't figure out exactly what those guys are doing there, were they part of the next act and came on one song too early? As CatCat don't really dancedance, I guess they are there to fill the giant stage, but why only two dancers when you could have had 6 in total on stage?  It doesn't really matter what the staging or performance was like - the choice of costumes all around outweigh everything else.

Choreography (including Arm-ography and Hair-ography) - 12/12
Absolutely perfect arm-orgraphy with pointing and reaching and clawing at the air to show anguish. Someone studied classic Eurovision moves before this came on stage. The two backing dancers introduced hip hop to Eurovision, I don't believe any other act before them included this kind of choreography.  Don't forget, this was the ESC that brought us Riverdance for the first time, so we're not talking forward-thinking here.  An inspired bit of choreography comes at the beginning of the song - CatCat have their backs to the audience, but when they are ready to sing, swing around and march forward with intent. These girls mean business.

Key Change Effectiveness - 6/12
The kind of key change is not one of my favourites - when the song just kind of pauses and then the key goes up half a step.  It's appropriate enough but 6 points is all I could muster in this category.  

Camp Factor - 12/12
This gets the full 12 points, no question. The entire 3 minutes are taken seriously and with purpose, but I'm sorry, those costumes, that hair... even for 1994, it was too much.  But these girls deserve credit, they did what they wanted and I remember this song enough to write about it somewhat lovingly here.

TOTAL: 50/60.  The rare song in this column to reach 50 points, CatCat will stay in my mind like a Finnish karelian pasty stays in my stomach hours after eating them. For more CatCat, see our article here, with a video of their latest single.

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