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MF SPECIAL: Velvet - "The Queen"

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We fall into the magical world of Melodifestivalen with this amazingly camp gem.

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All you diehard Eurovision fans know the terrible feeling you get when a song you loved in the semi-final ends up never making it to the final? Even worse, 909809721385 other Eurovision websites also predicted that this particular song would go all the way. That is how I felt about today's almost-prize winning Swedish song, "The Queen". Velvet had competed in Melodifestivalen once before with the song "Mi Amore", but this one was a vast improvement. Of course, Swedish voting patterns are totally unpredictable and this never made out of its particular Melodifestivalen heat. Tragic!!!  But let's analyze this song a bit more - did anything go wrong, or did the country suffer a giant brain hemmorage when they sent a sappy ballad by a blonde 17 year old instead? (which, incidentally, never got past the ESC semi)

Here's the result of the 12points jury: will the queens who run this website give this a thumbs up or thumbs down?

Song/Lyrics - 10/12
All I will say is this: any song that starts with "People take a bow" gets a lot of points automatically. 

Performance - 10/12
Now, was that strange note at the end of the first verse intentional?  Kind of. When you listen to the recorded version, it was some kind of odd vocal effect thrown in, that must have not worked on the night. Never mind - Velvet exudes confidence and adds something that is sometimes missing in Melodifestivalen - subtlety. Yes, she starts in a giant dress that opens up and 6 dancing men in masks revolve around her, but none of this is forced. It's actually fun, rather than calculated. Someone had a lot of fun thinking this up.

Choreography (including Arm-ography and Hair-ography) - 10/12
Walking and posing does not make for choreopgraphy but Velvet's backing dancers are excellent, almost Madonna-Vogue era excellent. 

Key Change Effectiveness - 0/12
This song has everything BUT a key change. Shame.

Camp Factor - 12/12
Where the TV show GLEE sent a million high school kids to try out for school musicals and choirs, this song probably sent a million queens around Sweden to be even more queeny.  

TOTAL: 42/60.  So why didn't this go through to even the Melodifestivalen final? Comments below please, we'd love to know your thoughts.

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