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Chris Kempers and Daniel Kovac - "Frei zu leben"

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Eurovision celebrates Europe's new freedoms with a rush of songs about holding hands.

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With the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989, there was no doubt going to be a number of Eurovision entrants celebrating the possibility of a united Europe. Sure enough, the 1990 contest had songs celebrating new found freedoms: Austria came with the literal "Keine Mauern mehr" (No Walls Anymore), Norway brought "Brandenburger Tor" (Brandenburg Gate) and Italy actually won with "Insieme: 1992" (Together: 1992) a dream of a united Europe. Such optimism at the time! Well, it's easy to make light of these songs and lyrics but they were really a celebration of something new.  

Here's the result of the 12points jury: did the German song succeed in breaking down walls and getting the most points?

Song/Lyrics - 10/12
A Eurovision classic with everything thrown in but the kitchen sink. A harp to start off the tune, then Celtic sounding flutes, with more of a rock guitar creeping in as the song goes on, ending with a big key change, long notes and Chris Kemper's hair not moving one millimetre. This song is very stirring but perhaps just a tad too cynical.

Performance - 8/12
This song only placed 9th of 22 contestants. Did something go wrong? Well it seems to me the relationship between both singers was frosty at best. There is a very awkward moment at 3.55 in the video above where they reach to hold hands, only to separate them almost instantly. My guess is that the two of them slept together before the contest, and it ended badly, and by the time they were onstage they were barely talking to each other. Compared to the winner's performance, which was very slick and filled with lots of men with big mullets, this pales slightly in comparison.

Choreography (including Arm-ography and Hair-ography) - 6/12
This picks up a few points for good arm-ography. Chris is really into it. Lots of softly clenched fists, and then opening of hands, and then fist again. Fisting has never been so popular!

Key Change Effectiveness - 8/12
Creeps up quite quickly, a simple step up towards the end of the song.

Camp Factor - 8/12
I can't keep my eyes off of Kempers' hair. This was the era of big curls as made popular by Whitney Houston, but her hair is huge and just does not move. It's incredible. If only I could have hair like that around 1990, I would have been very happy. Instead I had a mass of somewhat wavy hair that you could stick a hairbrush into, and no matter how much I shook my head, it would not move. Additionally, the keyboard player has the biggest shoulder pads I've ever seen. By 1990, I thought the era of shoulderpads were over... maybe not in West Germany. 


TOTAL: 40/60.  Step by stand, hand in hand... "bailout by bailout" would likely be the lyrics if this was an ESC 2012 entry. 


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