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VIDEO VIDEO: Euroband - This Is My Life

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Dance classics are very popular in Eurovision, so are uplifting and motivational ballads, but somewhere along the line someone decided to let these two genres breed, raising it on glitter, bass and unconventionally high levels of cheese. Iceland's entry in 2008 was the result.

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Yes, there are a set of Eurovision features that rear their head every year, and without them, well the contest just wouldn't be the same. Typical voting results, a scandal of some sort, corny jokes made by the host and of course, the cheesy dance ballad. Iceland knows how to party, its an inescapable fact. With the likes of Paul Oscar and Hera Bjork, whenever Iceland is down in the dumps about what to send to Eurovision, a cheesy, pulsating dance classic doesn't send them far wrong. In 2008, it was down to "Euroband" (what a mysterious and well thought-out name) and there "Inspirational" euro-dance anthem. The song performed to generally good reviews, placing a fair 14th place in the final, but its nothing to rave about (get it, rave?). Both members of Euroband, Regina and Friðrik, were unsuccessful in their Eurovision endeavors until they met and qualified as Euroband, call it destiny or sheer bad luck? Let's see what the 12points jury think?

Song/Lyrics: 9/12

I would be lying if I said I didn't like this song. I think there might be a conspiracy where this song subliminally gets into the heads of all gay Eurovision fans, because I think this song is catchy as hell. If this was on in a club I would rush to the dance floor, punching anyone in my way with my flailing arms and get down to business. This song, unsurprisingly, was co-written by Paul Oscar. I guess that the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. Ok, its cheesy, if not the cheesiest thing I have seen from Eurovision (sorry Gina!), but how can you not be uplifted by this song. Unfortunately, its a little too sickly. I wouldn't go as far as saying I wouldn't change a thing (very misleading lyrics, looks like someone was too confident about winning Eurovision), but if you watch Eurovision and you're not a fan of dance floor cheese, then honey you came to the wrong neighborhood.

Performance: 8/12

This score doesn't deserve to be below 8 because neither of them gave each other a black eye or passed out/threw up onstage during this somewhat manic performance. Let no one say the Icelandic are a weak bunch.

They had matching outfits for Christ sake! They were committed to making this camp. Fun may it be, Eurovision has a little more class than this (famous last words), and being presented with something that either belongs in a Butlins holiday camp (if you don't know what I am referring to, I suggest you give this a look online!) and a cruise ship extravaganza. This performance is a sequin away from Alyona Lanskaya's wardrobe, and this song is wailing "Gay Bar Classic". I give them credit for some fun on the dance floor, but when it is time to sneak into the back alley and deliver, this song falls limp.

Once again, R Rated puns and euphemisms are enforced. Don't understand them? Then you are far too young for this sort of thing, go ask your parents or wait until your older.

Choreography (Including Hair-ography and Arm-ography): 7/12

So I am not the only one who dances like I am alone in my bedroom when this song comes in, because looking at the choreography it seems like that is the feel the choreographer wanted as well. Hardly anything to get excited about in an energetic song such as this, bar a few steps, clicks and arm spasms, this song falls flat as a dance number when it comes to the actual dancing! Then again, this could make a move onto the weight loss DVD circuit: dance the bingo wings away. With this song as a backing track, bring on the step aerobics with some knee lifts and some grapevines thrown in for good measure.

Once again I felt that those arms were too close for comfort near the facial region, if they had gotten any deeper into the song, they would be dancing all the way to the Serbian emergency room with a broken nose!

Key Change Effectiveness: 6/12

In the near future, when I am running the show at Eurovision (is that someone laughing at the back there? rude.), I will make it a law that anyone with a high energy track and with a high BPM rating, there must be a key change. How I miss them...

What this song LACKS IN A KEY CHANGE, it makes up for in fairly competent vocals. Impressive given that most acts such as Euroband who sing dance numbers don't go any higher than the bog-standard rating, Euroband are acceptable; Pitchy, but admirable. Also, who is that I see at the back? Well if it isn't Miss Hera Bjork, perhaps Euroband's "Je Nais Se Quoi" inspired Hera to get up on her feet with a hot dance classic.

Maybe she just wanted to pry the limelight out of their camp, sweaty fingers. Either is understandable in the world of Eurovision. 

Camp Factor: 11/12

Its a given, what did you expect? I mean where you not listening earlier? Matching outfits with pink highlights?! I think I made my point.

It goes without saying guys. Come on. 

Total: 41/60: Yep, this musical cheese-fest has once again clawed its way up to a meager but respectable position in the world of Eurovision. This camp classic won't live forever, but if you listen closely, you will hear them screaming from the annuls of Icelandic and Eurovision music as an act that took a whole new meaning to the words "violent dance classic". Iceland still don't stray from the path of the heavy-bass dance anthems, and somewhere right now, in a small little town, a bunch of drag artists, queens and happy gay teens are dancing their butts off to this nifty little number.

What else could you want from a Eurovision entry?

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