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VIDEO VIDEO: Gina G - Just A Little Bit

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Back when the UK dominated Eurovision, Gina G wanted a little bit more. That being the case, she could have done with a little bit less.

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When Eurovision took a break from Irish victory in chilly Norway in 1996, Gina G decided it was time to bring a hot dance classic to warm the hearts of Eurovision. She tried and succeeded (somewhat) with a fiesty little pop number about wanting just a little bit more. In the 1990's and it's preceeding years, it was long since tradition that the UK performed for high positions and we were generally well recieved; back in the good old days when we didn't inhabit the bottom of the scoreboard (oh how times have changed), Gina G was no exception. With her high energy and tiny costumed outfit, she gained a respectable but lacklustre placing of 8th place, with the top spot once again snatched by 7th time winner Ireland (no surprise there). Nevertheless, this dame from down under and her peppy pop hit climbed up the charts and struck gold across Europe and even hit America (who would have though it!), job well done Gina! I wonder what she gets up to nowadays?

Spoiler: Not much by the look of things.

But did the 12points Jury crave some more of Gina, or do they think she has a suitable amount already? Lets have a look:

Song/Lyrics: 9/12

On the outside it looks like Gina G is just a fun loving girl who wants to party, but this girl is craving it isn't she?! What does she want a little bit more of, hopefully cold showers you saucy little diva! But aside from wanting to hit her Gina G spot, I definitely want more of this fast paced soundtrack! Sure its camp, but it's classic pop dance! Anyone who wouldn't get up and dance to this should get up and get out, because it's insatiably catchy! Sure it's a song about an Australian woman who just wants to orgasm but damn does she want to have fun doing it!

I should have mentioned, this particular article is for mature audiences, otherwise you're "Just a little bit" too young for this sort of thing.

Performance: 8/12

My My could those backing dancers keep up! There was a black eye just waiting to happen, one false move and it would have been a disaster! Speaking of disasters, what the hell was the costume designer invisioning when she thought of those costumes?! Now lets forget for a moment that they looked like they had been thrown up on by a unicorn, if those dresses got any shorter I would have seen just a little bit too much of Gina G. That certainly wasn't what I was looking for!

In all honesty, the performance wasn't too bad. It looked pretty seemless, I didn't once see any of the three girls falter, although there were a few bum notes on Gina's part (the other bum being on the other side of her dress it was that short). I must say though, I was happy that the two keyboard players knew what to do if they got bored of Gina G's performance, they could just switch on those PC's, check their emails and play a quick game of solitaire! Why they both had computers is beyond me, although they did have the wrong kind of keyboard if they intended to use them.

Choreography (Including Hair-ograhy and Arm-ography): 9/12

This is one funky track to dance to! The dancing is fast, fierce and it keeps going and going, and in these kind of dance numbers consistency is the key. Nevertheless, at times it turned into an advanced aerobics lesson, all you needed to do was add a little platform for step aerobics and you were on the way to losing a couple of pounds. Now it was cliche and it was fun and exciting to watch, but it was something we expected from a number like this. I just wanted a wow factor, not just a quick little tune to get me in the mood to party (not Gina G's type of party though). A quick and typical 90's dance routine was not enough to grab my attention, and although they gave a good effort, I was left wanting "just a little bit more".

I hope you are keeping count of how many times I am using that joke, I don't imagine it getting old any time soon.

Key Change Effectiveness: 8/12

Hey Girls, how about a key change? Obviously none. Gone are the days of a good key change to end the song on good spirits, nevertheless the jumpy vocals and added effort to the end sufficed I suppose. Once again for a jumpy little song like this I did expect a little more, but you don't want to over do something, sometimes less is more. A little bit more to be precise. 

Camp Factor: 11/12

So this song pretty much fits the description for a camp eurovision classic. This song screams it, from the classic 90's music video camera effects to the sparkly outfits, you couldn't get any camper than this. So much so that I can bet you that somewhere right now, a gay bar will be craking this tune out whilst a hoard of alcohol soaked guys get busy on the dancefloor. And in Eurovision, who could want more?

Total: 45/60: It's fair to say that this song won't be one of the defining entries of the UK's Eurovision career, and perhaps if it was entered in today's Eurovision climate it might not have scored as well, but god is this song catchy. It was deservedly a hit and it will go down in the annuls of Eurovision as one of the better efforts as a dance classic. This was the last time a Eurovision hit from the UK had hit the charts in such a fashion, and with Jemini and Engelbert Humperdink disgracing our name, Gina G deserved her chart hit. I guess we can look back on a better time for the UK in the contest, but even with general Eurovision success, Gina G still wanted "A little bit more", and as Mae West once said, "Too much of a good thing is wonderful."



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