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Sverre Kjelsberg & Mattis Hætta - "Sámiid Ædnan"

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Hey lo lolei lolei loooh loley loooah! Unusual mix of tradition and modern.

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Norway - home of previous Eurovision winners Bobbysox (well, one of them is actually Norwegian) along with Alexander Ryback's eyebrows - had this interesting entry in 1980. A song about the Sámi, the much-abused indigenous people in northen Scandinavia, complete with their style of singing, made the contest. Although it didn't score too well, it is really striking to watch 31 years later as the song throws in everything in a short time span.

Here's the result of the 12points jury: did we lo lo lolei like it?

Song/Lyrics - 8/12
The song starts off as a ballad, then moves into a 1970s Tom Jones hit, then moves on to traditional Sámi singing, then a duet, then it goes acapella with a big orchestra finish. Ummmm... exhausting!  But you can't deny the passion behind it - the fact that it mixes the very traditional with the more modern, along with an unforgettable sing-a-long entrance from Hætta, it certainly gets points for effort.

Performance - 8/12
Passionate, slow and sped up, a lot of thought went into this. The quiet entrance midway through the song is something I haven't really seen in ESC before or since.

Choreography (including Arm-ography and Hair-ography) - 4/12
Mostly light foot stomping, which doesn't do much in this category. Shame, because both singers had hair that the could have easily whipped back and forth.

Key Change Effectiveness - 12/12
The best kind - it just kind of happens and you don't even notice. 

Camp Factor - 12/12
1. Pirate shirt
2. Traditional costumes
3. A song with about 8392 styles of music
4. That big flourish at the end.
Camp factor: warp speed ahead!

TOTAL: 44/60.  Respectable score, Norwegians. What did you think? We would love to hear your comments below.

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