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VIDEO VIDEO: Sestre - Samo Ljubezen

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This trio of fun loving transvestites put on a show that certainly didnt drag, but these guys had a deeper message, one of loving your make up clad, high heeled neighbour.

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In 2002, first time Eurovision hosts Estonia were nervous about their first contest. The spotlight was well and truly lit, however three guys from Slovenia in air hostess outfits managed to grab the attention and basque in the limelight. God knows how. 

Tomaž, Damjan and Srečko (otherwise known as Marlenna, Emperatrizz and Daphne) make up fun loving suspender sisters, Sestre, a romp of a transvestite act. When they won their national selection, EMA, they were not met with happy congratulations they might have wanted. After beating critic's favourite Karmen Stavec, crowds were furious, sparking anti-gay protests throughout Slovenia. However, this wasn't going to ruin Sestre's fun, as these glittering guys gave a hell of a performance of "Samo Ljubezen" (only love) in Talinn. Despite their poor placing, only coming 13th, they could leave Estonia with their heads held high and their corsets tight. Say, is that Tim Curry on the far right?

But what did the 12points jury make of these sequined stars?: 

Song/lyrics: 11/12

Although it may be difficult, lets forget for a moment that we are looking at three guys in sparkly dresses. This song is warm and uplifting cheese! But its sheer perfection, and incredibly heartwarming. Singing about love and strength in the face of adversity (like finding a sequined blazer for a man in his 30's perhaps), it just warms the soul! To quote the second verse, "In life there are many paths, do not look for happiness when there is none, when you listen to what your heart says." Its like a reject number from Priscilla Queen of the Desert! Come to think of it, you could forgive me for thinking that all of it was a reject from Priscilla!

Performance: 11/12

I'm just going to say it. Its three slovenian blokes in tight, glittery costumes with dancing pilots as back up singing about love. You would have to be blind, stupid or live in a sea of glitter to think this is understated. It's huge! As soon as they walk on stage, it's straight up in your face. Its an act that would put Scooch to shame! It grabs you by the shoulders and demands that you listen to it (although if three blokes in dresses grabbed you and told you to do something, you would hardly refuse). It's just so camp! All the song needs is a confetti cannon and cage dancers, but then again Slovenia is a fan of subtlty, so they probably didn't want to go overboard with Sestre. However, please spare a thought for the poor disco balls who must have faced a tragic end whilst being made into those dresses.

Choreography (including Hair-ography and Arm-ography): 10/12

Fasten your seatbelts, because you can't sit still when Sestre hits the stage. It was a sight to behold, with those white gloved hands going any which way as they played the flight hostesses with ease, howeved in such a niche performance, the novelty wore off quick (that is something I never thought I would say). One thing that could have really brought it together was a solid dance routine instead of just clicks and sways. However, as running themes go, it certainly added to the sparkle of the song. On the evergrowing list of novelties the song had, I guess one more couldnt hurt. Your exits are here, here and here (although I don't think you would need them when Sestre are busy doing their thing).

Key Change Effectiveness: 6/12

Alas, there was no key change. It is a real shame, a key change would have definitelty brought this song to the next level, if this song even had another level. The only reason this song has scored as highly as it did is how tremendous Sestre, especially its lead vocalist, kept up the singing. This was a big show stopper, with dancing and huge costumes, so to keep up such a solid vocal performance was amazing. Kudos for Sestre.

Camp Factor: 12/12

This score speaks for itself. It takes more than three men in over-sequined dresses and back up singers in poorly made pilot outfits from a fancy dress shop to leave a mark, and Sestre just dazzled the audience. They really made the effort to bring some sparkle to Eurovision, and it was felt all over the room. The song just screams kitsch, and to give this anything but a 12 would be a crime against nature. For anyone who didn't like this number for reasons such as not liking a slovenian man donning a sequined dress, brown wig and high heels, then you certainly have some growing up to do.

Total: 50/60: Yes, Sestre certainly left an impact in Talinn. This camp and Kitsch act brought something very new to the table, and God did it do fabulously. Did it deserve the place it got? No. Did they do Slovenia proud? Almost certainly. Sestre gave Estonia one big kiss on the lips when they left, and they proved that only love can bring people together. That and an unhealthy amount of glitter. Word of advice though guys, next time, tone down the lipstick..

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