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VIDEO VIDEO: Juliana Pasha - It's All About you

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With over excessive arm spasms, wild violin solos and rather obsessive song lyrics, Albania pulled out all the stops in 2010.

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In 2010, Albania opted for another female vocalist to belt out another pop-ballad, which came in the form of Juliana Pasha and "It's All About You". This high energy number definitely got Norway jumping with its pace and performance. I had to admit, i couldnt stop smiling, and it definitely stood out for me. Whether you like it or not, the audience were on their feet, giving it a respectable 16th position, their highest since their debut in 2004. However, you cannot ignore the odd staging, and the issues Juliana must have with clinginess if this song is about her. You have to feel sorry for the guy she is chasing, poor soul. But I'm sure she is worth it in the end, I mean who else will give you more energetic arms!

Here is what the 12points jury had to say about Albania's effort in Oslo:

Song/Lyrics- 10/12

This song just screams joy! Its fast, its fun, and man is it the clichéd kind of pap ballad that the Eurovision lovers crave. 2010 was dominated by pop ballads, yet this song really held its own! Although that might have something to do with how odd the song actually is! Nevertheless, its unique and its memorable and I for one loved it. That being said however, you cannot escape the rather blunt lyrics. I mean, its one thing to love a man, but this song is borderline stalker behaviour! To quote Juliana, "You're all that I need, everything that I breathe. You are my life". Yikes! One more verse and she could be given a restraining order, two more and it's a kidnapping charge and a segment on crimewatch! Still a terrific effort, made for great listening and a good giggle nonetheless.

Performance- 9/12

Good for you Albania! Who needs an electric guitar when you have a nifty violin and a guy with a crazy (or permed?) hair! It definitely caught my attention, but it did make me think whether a violin could make that kind of sound without being scraped with a rusty pipe. They might have done a little better if he played the violin with his teeth! Ah well, when in Albania...

In all honesty, the staging was great, but some advice Juliana, tone down the purple? The stage looked like the inside of a plum! The vocals from Juliana were out of the park though, belting out those last notes! The costume was stylish and stood out, however the costume being black strikes me as mourning the loss of the last man she was with who had a problem with her personal space issues.  

Choreography (Including Hair-ography and Arm-ography)- 11/12

How could I not give those moves a high score?! Juliana's arms were moving at a mile a minute, there was no stopping the girl! If she moved those arms anymore I would be hypnotised by them! Although, I did fear for the safety of the violinst, one false move and pow! Right in the nose. I guess that's why he was always bending backwards! I gave the choreography a high mark for two reasons, one because I thought it was wacky and fun and all the pointing made me feel special, and two, considering how far she would go for her lover, I beg to think what she would do to me, although i've never had the pleasure of an angry Albanian chasing me down. It's something to consider. The backing dancers also had some funky little clicks and jigs, it definitely added to the sass of the performance. 

Key Change Effectiveness- 4/12

There was unfortunately no key change, which is a shame because the finale of the song could have definitely done with an extra oomph, and a key change would also sound really cool with Juliana's vocal ability. Perhaps they missed a trick? 

Camp Factor- 10/12

The song does scream camp! The colours, the dancers, the energy, it definitely pushed my buttons and I do love a good old camp tune. But I think that it was overstated in its choreography, but understated in terms of actual choreography, stage effects and all around tone to make it ultra camp! Arm flailing, contrary to popular opinion, is not dancing. Unless your drunk, if so, flail to your heart content!

TOTAL: 44/60. Overall this little ditty ticked all the boxes, even some extra boxes which she should really try and get sorted out (she should be very wary of her arms moving as much as they do). In the end, this song's success was all about Juliana, and a little about the choreohraphers and lyricists (and whatever they were one when making this song) giving me a giving me a good old laugh. This sassy number is a firm favourite of mine in the Oslo contest. You go girl! But not that much, please. Or else you'll get yourself arrested.


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