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Sandrine François - "IL FAUT DU TEMPS"

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Celine Dion wasn't available, however Ms François is a strong and durable substitute.

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This is one of those Eurovision songs that gets over the language barrier and is effective regardless of language. Between 2000 - 2009, there was only 1 winner that didn't sing in English, so France have the odds stacked against them each time they sing in their native language. But this is one of their best entries from that decade - effective even if you don't understand French. And if you did, you would hear lyrics that ask "Monsieur Gandhi est mort / Est-il mort pour longtemps?", which loosely translated asks if Gandhi is dead, and is he dead for a long time? Oh, those French.  France had a string of these Celine Dion clones for a few years, but Sandrine definitely holds her own. If you are familiar with the French musical NOTRE DAME DE PARIS, you will hear definite similarities to that score.

Here are the results of the 12Points jury - how did we rate this big ballad?

Song/Lyrics - 10/12
We here at feel that this song is more clever than it lets on.  It's got one short phrase after another in the lyrics, making it easy to follow, and a melody that says "this is a serious ballad" from the beginning. The best bit is the bridge after the 2nd chorus, where Sandrine really hits the high notes.  

Performance - 8/12
As deliberate as the song. Sandrine stays confident, looking directly at the viewers on the other side of the TV and saying - "Look at me... but not too long."  Considering songs like this don't appear that often anymore - a solo singer in a sober dress with just a minimum of arm-ography - this is a good, professional performance.

Choreography (including Arm-ography and Hair-ography) - 6/12
Sandrine has a dark, goth-girl from high school dress and the extra fabric hanging down her forearms allows for some super arm-ography.  I know we don't have a head-ography category in these reviews, but Sandrine does some intriguing moves that could be passed off as seductive if you were a heterosexual male. (which currently, no one at 12points is)

Key Change Effectiveness - 8/12
Very subtle, just suddenly appears in the last chorus with a flourish of guitar and ghostly backing vocals (played on a keyboard I would gather).

Camp Factor - 6/12
Some dry ice on stage, a huge brooch on her necklace, lots of flowing fabrics on her dress - not bad. This would have had a few more points if she employed the patented Carola wind machine.

TOTAL: 38/60.  Maybe this would have gotten more points if Sandrine utilized Jessy Matador's hot backing gymnastic singer.

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