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Tommy Seebach and Debbie Cameron - "KRØLLER ELLER EJ"

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Curly hair, or not? One of Denmark's biggest stars enters this important debate.

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From the mid 70s and for the next twenty years, Tommy Seebach was one of Denmark's most popular singer/songwriters. He wrote 8 songs for Denmark's national final, and three of them made their appearance at ESC in 1979, 1981 and 1993. This song from 1981 is my favourite of those entries due to the simple fact it's totally, endearingly bonkers.  Why doesn't anyone write lyrics like these anymore?  Here's a translation of the chorus:

Straight of curly hair - we love our children so
May their eyes be brown or blue, you love your children too
And one thing's for certain
We hope for everyone that they can have the things they want the most
If they're young or growing old, got straight or curly hair 

It's a crime this didn't win. So here are the results of the 12Points jury - which kind of hair do we prefer?


Song/Lyrics - 10/12
This is the kind of song where having a full orchestra works to its' advantage. Disco-flavoured songs always had a lot of strings and in this case create a nice counterpoint to the joyful lyrics underneath. And not only that, somewhere in the bridge there is the sound of a sitar (played on guitar I'm guessing) thrown in for good measure. Good duets are rare - especially with one person at a piano and the other throwing themselves around stage.  The joy in this song is something that's been missing in Eurovision these days.

Performance - 10/12
I love the way this song throws in a little bit of everything - two singers have a lyrical battle, there's a crazy kick off of dance moves, and the backing vocalist are so earnest, it kills me.

Choreography (including Arm-ography and Hair-ography) - 12/12
Debbie knocks one out of the park with that feathered dress shimmering as she jumps around the stage. And the two backing dancers making a late appearance (in matching wigs, no less) add to the atmosphere. Debbie's arm-ography flourish at the end secured 12 points in this category easily.

Key Change Effectiveness - 12/12
OMG, not one but TWO keychanges in very quick succession. That's how you do it! 

Camp Factor - 10/12
Whoever decided on the colour scheme for this act should be applauded. Not only is everyone in nice primary colours, but the tambourine is painted yellow to match the costumes. 

TOTAL: 54/60.  A great Eurovision all-rounder.

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