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We feature an instant Melodifestivalen classic - it's a shame it didn't go to Germany.

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Considering yours truly lives and works in Sweden, I am immersed in their ESC national finals every year. This song appeared in the first heat of Melodifestivalen 2011, and being Sweden, didn't get enough votes to get out of the semi-final. When I say "being Sweden", the public's voting patterns tend to head towards big stars and crap songs that aren't offensive. Le Kid, a newish band, was probably just too much for the locals to handle, but here it is in all it's glory for you to enjoy.

Here are the results of the 12Points jury - did singing licorice affect the points below?

Song/Lyrics - 8/12
This was clearly aimed towards those aged 18 and younger and their text messaging voting skills. The lyrics are very cute and the music immediately catchy, but there isn't much tension or action on the whole. Still, lyrics like "baby, I go 'oh my God'" is far better than "I kinda liked a girl I knew".

Performance - 10/12
Very solid with good Eurovision tricks all the way through - singing candy that gets up and twirls around, a quick close up on some pink leopard skin shoes, and really slick vocals.

Choreography (including Arm-ography and Hair-ography) - 8/12
Not much going on here, with the exception of something that is important to Swedes - jerky arm-ography at the start of the chorus. Performers like Nanne Grönwall and Charlotte Perelli do this best, but a few jerky hand moves go down well here.

Key Change Effectiveness - 0/12
This song has everything in it except a key change.

Camp Factor - 12/12
Everything and the kitchen sink in this one - bright colours, dancing All Sorts, bow ties, and the keyboard player dressed as a sexy nerd. Who could ask for more?

TOTAL: 38/60.  A great effort from a new Swedish act, giving Melodifestivalen a much needed dose of something young and fresh. Would have never ever beat Eric Saade in the 2011 final, but if a song like this went on to represent Sweden... good things would probably have happened.

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