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Anna Vissi and The Epikouri - Autostop

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Greek pop that sounds like German schlager with undertones of trombone and tuba.

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Anna Vissi has appeared as the representative for both Greece and Cyprus a total of 3 times at the Eurovision Song Contest. A huge star in both countries, Anna first appeared in 1980 with this lovely song about hitchhiking. She came in at 13th place, which is a shame, as this song is more than competent.

Here are the results of the 12Points jury - did Anna hitchhike her way into our hearts?

Song/Lyrics - 8/12
Curiously, this song has a dansband oom-pah-pah kind of thing, which you wouldn't expect from something Mediterranean. That said, pop music in the early 1980s was all over the place stylistically, so perhaps it makes sense that it doesn't make any sense. A bit hard to determine what the lyrics mean considering the 6 languages that the 12points staff share does not include Greek, but the melody is catchy and any song about hitchhiking probably has something a bit naughty about it.

Performance - 10/12
Very slick. Perfectly sung and harmonized. Considering how hard it must have been to maneuver the endless microphone wires on stage, they make it look easy. Red and black costumes never did much for me, but Anna is rocking a Pat Benatar look that was almost ahead of its' time in 1980.

Choreography (including Arm-ography and Hair-ography) - 12/12
A strong dose of arm-ography make this song get the ultimate honour. There are lots of patented Eurovision moves involved - pointing on one level from left to right, the bending and pointing move and let's not forget the "pushing backing singers forward and backward as if you control gravity" move. 

Key Change Effectiveness - 10/12
Not only is there a key change, but to celebrate the movement of the music, we have a quick glimpse at Greek line dancing and box steps!

Camp Factor - 6/12
Nothing in this screams camp, but I'll say it again - picking hitchhiking as a Eurovision song topic is unique. This gives Anna a small number of points.

TOTAL SCORE: 46/60.  I was surprised how, 31 years later, this song has really held up well. The performers are spot on. It's hard to see how this song passed the juries by, but never the less it lives on thanks to the it's quiet creativity and Anna's brilliant hair.

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