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Michalis Rakintzis - S.A.G.A.P.O.

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A remake of "I, Robot" without Will Smith, but with some excessive winking.

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A cry of "Oh. My. God." escaped from millions of mouths throughout all ESC countries in dozens of languages when this song appeared on screen. Long before the age of YouTube, seeing these men and their strange stomping choreography sent a minor shock wave through Europe, until the 1.00 mark in the song, which was the time a mass of people around the continent decided to take a simultaneous bathroom break, leading to water pressure dropping in 40 countries. Apparently.

Here are the results of the 12Points jury - did we eventually find the password that Michalis was singing about?

Song/Lyrics - 4/12
Ripping off Gary Numan's song "Cars" is one thing, but rhyming "sad" and "mind" must have been an error in the online rhyming dictionary that Rakintzis used when writing the lyrics of this song. A not-typical 80's retro electro melody gives this song a few points, but in general, there echo effect they were going for is just laughable. (as in - Hey (hey hey hey hey) and Sad (sad sad sad sad))

Performance - 2/12
Where does one start. Rakintzis is terrified of the microphone, pulling it from his mouth as quickly as his wonky vibrato allows him to. He starts off key, throwing all the rest of the singers off key. This is otherwise known as the "100% Wrong Key Effect" (see FYROM 2000). And the Robocop meets late Michael Jackson looks as if they wanted something outrageous in costumes but ended up with a lot of pleather and buckles.

Choreography (including Arm-ography and Hair-ography) - 12/12
This song was rescued by its insanely post-modern choreography. It looks simple, but it must have taken weeks to perfect. The sequence of raise knee, lower knee, step left, step right, and kneel (and get up) should inspire choreographers around the world to drop all of their training and just work in lots of raise knee-lower knee moves. Critics will rave, the public will faint, and stars will be born.

Key Change Effectiveness - 0/12
No key change. FAIL!

Camp Factor - 8/12
Well, this gets some points for unintentional hilarity. My absolute favourite moment happens about at around 1.22 in the video, when there is a really exaggerated wink to the camera in front of Rakintzis' face. Was it a nervous tick, a flirty gesture, or did someone on this team read that winking is the key to points?

TOTAL SCORE: 26/60.  This song may be a turkey, but Rakintzis went on to record even more music after this ESC travesty. Guess the Greeks are a forgiving race.

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