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Sophie Carle - "100% d'Amour"

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New highs in shoulder-ography but a lack of key change is somewhat problematic.

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The Herreys from Sweden took first place when Luxembourg hosted in 1984, and home-grown singer/actress Sophie Carle placed 10th. We can't understand why Sophie's exquisite shoulder-shrugging choreography didn't earn her more points.

Here are the results of the 12Points jury - did we fall in 100% of amour?:

Song/Lyrics - 8/12
This was the wonderful time in pop music when there were lots of artificial everything - drums, keyboards, weird artificial sounds. This song is more intricate than usual for a Eurovision song, with an interesting start to the chorus where it seems the tempo slows down all of the sudden. A cover of this in another language with a more powerful singer would sound very interesting.

Performance - 8/12
Simplicity was key in performance those days, but singing slightly out of tune has never been in fashion. Sophie appears totally relaxed and charming on stage, and comes off as wonderfully casual. Is this typical with Luxembourgians? Someone fill us in.  That high waisted trouser, someone bring that back please.

Choreography (including Arm-ography and Hair-ography) - 10/12
Sophie has great hair that looks like she just ran her hands through it to prepare for performance, but believe me, it's been sprayed into place. Unfortunately her hair isn't working it, so it's up to her one shoulder shrug - up and down and up and down - to cover for choreography. Her single arm doing arm-ography has various patented Eurovision motions - palm up, palm down, palm on waist, palm up in the air to signify a question.  Well done, Sophie.

Key Change Effectiveness - 0/12
No key change. Nil points!

Camp Factor - 8/12
More sweet than camp, but points were earned from the very strange costume someone was wearing in the commentary booth before the song started.

TOTAL SCORE: 34/60. A good effort unfortunately affected by the lack of an important key change.

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