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Anastasiya Vinnikova - "I Love Belarus"

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Got it on my mind! Deep throated beauty and lots of flames!.

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Belarus' 2011 entry was knocked out in the semi-final. That's a shame, because we think it wins for most unintentionally came entry that year - we had no idea that the country was friendly and young before this past May.

Here are the results of the 12Points jury - did we love Belarus?:

Song/Lyrics - 10/12
The best way to describe it is 'loopy'. The combination of local, almost Balkan sounds, with some very typical Eastern European guitar sounds (they just seem to love them in Eurovision world) makes for something catchy. 
Some points lost for the grammatically wonky "And I'm gonna everyday/give you all my love". But anyone who writes a love song to the last dictatorship in Europe deserves some credit.

Performance - 12/12
Camp camp camp! Flames everywhere stressing each lyrical "yeah", weak but sexy vocals, the instrumentalist who looks like she walked into the wrong entry, strangely decorated microphone stands, and appropriate vocal acrobatics from the backing singers. You couldn't ask for more. Well, you could, but shouldn't.

Choreography (including Arm-ography and Hair-ography) - 6/12
Not much by way of hair-ography although everyone's hair is styled to perfection.  There is some bizarre crunk choreography stolen from Madonna's "Confessions" tour, but there isn´t too much by way of dance excitement this year.

Key Change Effectiveness - 8/12
The single key change is placed after the bridge and comes in effortlessly as part of the harmony. Another key change would have maybe pushed this into the final, maybe. 

Camp Factor - 12/12
This song was woefully underappreciated. It deserved to win just for the title alone.

TOTAL SCORE: 48/60. Better luck next year, Belarus.


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