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Goodbye Mr Calderón

One of our most talented songwriters and the composer of some of the best Spanish entries in the Eurovision Song Contest such as “Eres tú”, “Tú volverás”, “La fiesta terminó” and “Nacida para amar” died yesterday at the age of 74..




Juan Carlos Calderón (born in Santander in 1938) was probably one of our most famous and important songwriters and musicians. His career started in 1960 when he became part of a jazz band. Afterwards he moved to Madrid to continue his studies and became more interested in pop: he did not know yet that he was going to become one of the best instrumental pop composers of the world.


His first contact with Eurovision took place in 1968, when he arranged the song “La La La” for Joan Manuel Serrat (who in the end did not want to sing the song in Spanish and was replaced by Massiel). But his big hits came in the 70s and 80s: “Eres tú”, considered as the best Spanish Eurovision entry and “Tú volverás”, performed by Sergio y Estíbaliz in 1975. He came back to Eurovision in 1984 with “La fiesta terminó”, which came 14th in Göteborg but became one of the most popular songs of Paloma San Basilio. His last time in Eurovision was in 1989 with “Nacida para amar”, performed by Nina, which came 6th in Lausanne. During all these years, he worked as well with many Spanish and South-American singers.


During the 90s and the 2000s, he worked with important artists such as the Mexican singer Luis Miguel or the Spanish singer David Bustamante (Operación Triunfo 2001) and had many small contributions with other singers and bands.


Some of his songs became hits all over the world, like “Eres tú”:


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Thank you for your music, Mr. Calderón. Descanse en paz.


Spain is still "euphoric"

After her visit in July, Loreen came back to Spain yesterday and spent the whole day in Madrid, where she received a platinum disc for the success of her album “Heal” in the Spanish market...

The Swedish Eurovision winner had a chat with the readers of the newspaper "El Mundo" during the afternoon. The chat was very short, but Loreen confirmed that her European Tour will take place in 2013 and that she will visit Spain in spring, so the Spanish fans will have the chance to see her performing live again. She also said that fame has not changed her personality and mentioned again her interest in human rights (as we saw in Baku). You can read the whole chat HERE (in Spanish).

After this chat, she was invited to the show “+ Gente”, aired on TVE1. She performed her song “Euphoria” and Anne Igartiburu (the host) interviewed her. For those who do not know her, Anne Igartiburu gave the Spanish votes in Eurovision between 2002 and 2004 (including the mythical “Romania 9 points” in 2003) and was the host of the Spanish National Final in 2010, when Daniel Diges was chosen. She is one of the most popular presenters of TVE.  

You can watch her live performance and the interview (in Spanish/English) in this video:

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The interview was quite chaotic ;-) and Igartiburu even made a mistake with Loreen's birthday (she thought it was on the 16th November, but actually it was on the 16th October).

At the end of the interview, Anne Igartiburu gave the platinum disc to Loreen: she has sold already more than 40,000 copies of her album “Heal” in Spain. This is a really important award because music from other European countries is not very popular in Spain (apart from some hits from UK, France, Portugal, Sweden or Italy).

We reported some months ago that Spain was “euphoric”, and now 6 months after the Contest in Baku, the “euphoria” still remains. Loreen can be proud!


Two names for TVE

The Spanish public broadcaster has not given yet any details about our representative for Malmö but during the week 2 names have appeared in some websites as potential candidates: Malú and AURYN...



Yesterday our colleagues of revealed the results of the voting they have been doing during the last weeks amongst the Spanish fans to find out which singer would be the best candidate to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest. And the winner was Malú:


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Malú (María Lucía Sánchez) is a 30-year-old Spanish singer from Madrid. She started her career in 1998 with the album “Aprendiz”. Some of her songs like “Aprendiz” or “Toda” (which you can listen above) became very popular some years ago and she also sang the Spanish version of “Reflection”, main song of the Disney film “Mulan”. At the moment she is preparing her 10th album and she is one of the “coaches” of the Spanish version of “The Voice”.


Her last hit was the song “Blanco y negro”, a great song I must say:


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AURYN is a boy-band integrated by Carlos Marco, Blas Cantó, Dani Fernández, Álvaro Gango and
David Lafuente . Although they came together as a band in 2009, they became famous in 2011 because they tried to represent Spain in Düsseldorf and they took part in the National Final. Nowadays, AURYN is one of the most popular bands at the moment. The name “Auryn” comes from the mystical talisman that appears in the book and film The Neverending Story.


In 2011 they performed the song “Volver” in the National Final but they were beaten by Lucía Pérez.


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They sing both in English and in Spanish. One of their most popular songs is “Don't give up my name”:


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According to the rumours coming from OGAE Spain, TVE would be interested in them to represent Spain in Malmö, but nothing has been confirmed.


TVE is completely silent at the moment. Since no National Final or call for songs has been announced yet, most probably they are waiting until December to choose a singer internally, like they did last year. But as I always say, our dear public broadcaster is a “jack-in-the-box” when it comes to Eurovision-related matters. Wait and see...


Are “Las Ketchup” back?

Their hit “Aserejé” was no.1 in more than 30 countries in 2002. In 2006 they represented Spain in Athens with “Bloody Mary” and they came 21st. After 6 years of silence, last week they announced that they are going to perform next week Tuesday in Paris.


The four sisters (Lola, Pilar, Lucía and Rocío Muñoz) from Córdoba (Andalusia) became famous all over the world in 2002 with their hit “Aserejé” and their famous dance. At that time, the group was integrated by 3 of the 4 sisters (Rocío did not participate because she was on maternity leave). The success was fast and huge (no.1 in more than 30 countries, especially in Europe), but after that summer, we started to see and hear them less and less and by the end of 2003, they completely disappeared...


… until March 2006, when TVE selected them internally to represent Spain in Athens. The selection process has always been a mistery: TVE published on the "official" version: Las Ketchup were chosen after an internal selection with 250 songs and 2 rounds. However, some media published that there was an internal final with 3 artists: Las Ketchup, Chenoa (backing of Rosa in 2002) and David Civera (Spain 2001), but these singers denied this information immediately. We never knew how Las Ketchup were selected, and not even important newspapers like ABC could find out what happened.


What was well known was their result that year: 21st with 18 points (12 from Andorra and 6 from Albania). I can tell you that there was a huge scandal in Spain because nobody liked the song and the critics against them were extremely hard. After the Eurovision fiasco, they disappeared again.


In August 2008, the Spanish newspaper ABC published a long article (which you can read HERE in Spanish) about them: Las Ketchup did not have manager nor record company and their official websites were down. The newspaper tried to contact the Muñoz sisters but they refused to speak. We all thought that the group did no longer exist.


But surprisingly, in January, they created a new official Facebook page and on the 8th October, they created a Twitter account as well. They have announced a concert in Paris for next week Tuesday and they informed as well that probably they will perform in The Netherlands later on this year.


Are they really coming back? We will keep you informed!


You can check their official Facebook page HERE and their Twitter account HERE.


(Thank you to our friends of RetroEurovision - - for the link to the newspaper article) / (Gracias a los amigos de RetroEurovisión por el enlace al artículo del periódico ABC).


Daniel Diges... or Whitney Houston?

In the Spanish TV show “Tu cara me suena”, famous singers and actors have to imitate other famous singers and some Eurovision artists like Toñi Salazar (from “Azúcar Moreno”) and Daniel Diges have taken part already imitating artists like Massiel or Whitney Houston... and their performances are amazing!


The second season of "Tu cara me suena" ("Your face sounds familiar"), aired on the private channel Antena 3, started last week Monday. During 2 months, the artists have to take part in a weekly show and they have to imitate a different artist every time, no matter if it is a man or a woman. After each performance, a jury of 5 members gives points to each singer. They compete against each other during 8 weeks until the semi-final takes place, where 4 artists are chosen to participate in the final.


Toñi Salazar (from the duo “Azúcar Moreno”) and Julio Iglesias Jr (son of Julio Iglesias) took part in the first season of this program (September-November 2011) and they had to imitate a different singer each week.


Let's take an example: during the second week, Toñi Salazar was chosen to imitate Massiel and she had to perform the Eurovision winner song “La La La”:


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And Julio Iglesias Jr had to imitate his father, Julio Iglesias:


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The winner of the first season of the show was a girl called Angy (who won the Spanish “X Factor” as well a few years ago).


Daniel Diges is taking part in the second season. His first performance was impressive: he had to imitate Whitney Houston and “I will always love you”. I must say this is my favourite one.


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Could a “Whitney” performance like this one have been more successful in Oslo than “Algo pequeñito”? ;-)


If you want to watch all the videos, you can go HERE to the official website of this show (in Spanish).


Ivi is unstoppable!

During the last weeks, many websites (and here at we did as well, of course) informed about Ivi Adamou’s visit to Spain. Since she landed last week in Barcelona, she has not stopped for a single moment and her popularity keeps on growing!


Last weekend she performed in a town called Grub (north of Barcelona) on Saturday and in Barcelona on Sunday. The concert in Barcelona was the biggest one since it took part during “La Mercè”, the annual festival of the city. You can see some videos about her performance (she sang “La La Love” and her new single, “Madness”):

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Yesterday Ivi went to Madrid and appeared in the TV show “Sálvame” in the private channel Telecinco. Other international Eurovision singers like Loreen or Kate Ryan have visited this program as well. The visit was quite chaotic, since she was introduced as the “singer who represented Greece in Baku” (although it was corrected immediately) and her name was misspelled (she was called “Adamour”). You can watch her short performance HERE.

Today she visited TVE and had an online chat on with the Spanish fans. During this chat, she said that it was her first time in Spain, that she was “very surprised” with the unexpected success of her song in Spain and that she would like to sing in Spanish and to learn the language. When she was asked about “Euphoria” and her 15th place in the Grand Final, she said that “Euphoria really deserved to win” but she admitted that she was “disappointed” with her result in the final. You can check the questions and the answers HERE (in Spanish).

This weekend Ivi will perform again in Spain: on Friday 28th in Lleida and on Saturday 29th in Rosas (Girona).

At all times Ivi has been really nice with the Spanish fans and the Spanish media and I hope it will continue like that. We are extremely grateful and we hope that she will come back again soon!

So far... efharisto Ivi!! Thank you for everything!!



Remember Mirela?

She appeared for the first time in the 2004 pre-selection for the Junior ESC and afterwards she tried to represent Spain in the normal ESC in 2007, 2008 and 2009. She is for many fans the “eternal candidate” to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest, and now she is taking part in “La Voz” (the Spanish version of the world-wide popular show “The Voice”).


The young woman we saw last Wednesday (born in Aranjuez, Madrid in 1990) trying to convince the juries of "La Voz" to choose her for their teams has physically nothing to do with this young girl who came second in the Spanish pre-selection for the Junior ESC, won by María Isabel (who won the 2004 JESC as well with “Antes muerta que sencilla”). For many fans, Mirela's best performance was this one, with the shong “Conocí el amor”

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She became more popular in 2006, when she took part in the talent show “Gente de primera”, where she finished second although the juries praised her performances. Here we can watch one of her performances, together with Pastora Soler.

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In 2007 she took part in the show “Misión Eurovisión” and came second (again) with the song “La reina de la noche”. Finally the group D'Nash won the show and got the chance to represent Spain in Helsinki, although she was the favourite candidate for most of the Eurovision fans:

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My favorite song from that year is this one, “Tu voz se apagará”:

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In 2008 she could not make it to the Spanish national final of that year but she made it in 2009. She became fourth in the final with the wonderful song “Nada es comparable a ti”. In my opinion, this is her best song:

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Since she took part in several national finals, Mirela had the opportunity to compete in the OGAE Second Chance contest twice: in 2007 and in 2009. She ended up third in both contests.

After 2009, most of us did not hear anything from Mirela. She had participated in some concerts but she had not appeared on TV. But a few days ago, we all had the chance to see her singing again in the talent show “La Voz”, interpreting the song “Sola otra vez”, the Spanish version of the hit “All by myself”:

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I am happy to see her back... and I hope she will try again to go to Eurovision!

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