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Iñigo vs ESDM

In my last article, I took the headline from a Spanish newspaper that said “the dream became a nightmare” to reflect what happened with ESDM in Malmö, and now even the Spanish commentator José María Íñigo has criticised them.


Tonight... Spain!

The Spanish National Final “Destino Eurovisión” will take place tonight at 22:30 CET with two clear favorite songs to represent Spain in Malmö. Find all the details here!



The day has come: Contigo hasta el final, Atrévete or Dame tu voz. One of these three songs will be performed by ESDM-El Sueño de Morfeo in Malmö. Tonight both the Spanish viewers and the jury will decide which song goes to the Eurovision Final.


As we informed in the previous days, Carolina Ferre will be the host and the show will start around 22:30 CET. ESDM-El Sueño de Morfeo will perform their 3 candidate songs and the jury, formed by José María Íñigo (Spanish commentator and music expert), Rosa López (who represented Spain in 2002) and Marco Mengoni (Italian representative and Sanremo winner) will give their opinion about them. However, ESDM will not be alone during the show: other singers such as Pastora Soler and the Italian singer Nek will perform as well together with them some of ESDM greatest hits.


We foresee a very exciting voting since there are 2 clear favorites: Contigo hasta el final y Atrévete.The online forums, polls and social networks are full of comments and opinions about these songs so it is impossible to decide which one is the favorite. The only thing that seems clear is that Dame tu voz is far behind the other candidates in the polls, but maybe a good live version and the vote of the jury can change this... we will see!


According to TVE’s schedule, the show will be quite short: at 23:35 we should know the title of the winning song.


How can you follow the show?


 - For Spain, the show will be broadcasted on TVE1 (the main channel).

 - For all the other countries (especially Europe) you can follow the show on TVE Internacional (satellite or cable tv)

 - Online: You can watch TVE1 online HERE. Normally there is no geographical limitation so you can watch it from all countries. If you have a good connection, the quality of the video is very decent.

 - On there will be live broadcasting and videos as well

 - On Twitter: according to @eurovision_tve the official hashtag will be #DestinoEurovision. This is the hashtag we will use to comment on the show as well.



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