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‘Amanecer’ is here!

Edurne | RTVE Edurne | RTVE

The Spanish entry was presented on Sunday and it had very different reactions in Spain but many positive reactions in other countries.

Hello dear Eurovision fans!


After quite some time waiting for the song, Amanecer was released last Sunday. There were huge expectations regarding this song and although the overall impression of the fans is positive, there are quite some negative opinions about this.


Edurne is very satisfied with the result and thinks that the message of pain and despair that the song wants to transmit will be understood in all countries even though the song is in Spanish, as she said to our friends of As it was said during her presentation, Amanecer has a new style that Spain has never tried in the Eurovision Song Contest, and this will surprise for sure the European audience, especially if TVE could send to Vienna the version that Edurne recorded with the RTVE Symphony Orchestra:


This text will be replaced

Who said that the orchestra could not come back to Eurovision?


Many Spanish fans had great expectations with the song but expressed their disappointment with the final result since they claim that the song has no “high point” and it becomes dull after a while. It was not the 'hit' they were expecting at all. The Spanish press has been especially hard with the song, with very negative articles in important newspapers such as El País, ABC or El Mundo.


Surprisingly (or not), the most positive feedback has come from Eurovision fans outside Spain, who have been very surprised by the song. Most of them have placed Amanecer in the top 3 of their personal tops and support the song, and they especially appreciate the fact that Spain tries to send a different kind of song to the Contest.


My view


Amanecer is probably less epic that we expected but it is not bad at all, and most important: it is a complete change of key from the Spanish broadcaster TVE. Edurne is a great artist and has an impeccable presence on stage. With the right performance, Spain could achieve a better position than Pastora Soler and Ruth Lorenzo. And for me, there is something even more important: TVE continues to send important artists to Eurovision since 2012 and keeps on following the right path to get Spain back to the top: quality (even if the results are bad like with ESDM). After quite some years when the Spanish fans were embarrassed with their representation, they can be proud again of their entry.


Remember that Edurne will perform Amanecer on the Grand Final in Vienna on the 23rd May. ¡Mucha suerte!

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