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Spain: Edurne and "Amanecer" to Vienna!

Edurne García Edurne García

After weeks of speculations, TVE held a press conference this morning to announce that Edurne will represent Spain in Vienna with the song “Amanecer”.

The “Eurodrama” (as the Spanish fans call the yearly speculations about who will represent Spain in Eurovision) is over, and for once, the first name that appeared in the polls in December (also highlighted by us) was the chosen one by the Spanish broadcaster.


Who is Edurne?


We could see Edurne García (Madrid, 1985) on TV for the first time in 2005 when she took part in Operación Triunfo, although she started to sing when she was 9 years old. She became 6th in the show, but her charisma made her very popular. Her first album, released in 2006 (called Edurne, like her) had songs that entered the Spanish charts like Amores dormidos and Te falta veneno. She has released 5 albums in total.

She has also taken part in the musical Grease, El musical de tu vida between 2007 and 2013 and in several TV shows like Tu cara me suena, where famours artists have to imitate other artists, and she won the show in 2013. In 2014 she hosted the TV show Todo va bien until December, when she announced that she was going to “focus in a big international music project” that all fans immediately identified as Eurovision.


What about the song?


Edurne will perform Amanecer (Sunrise) in Spanish. According to what she said, the song is in a style that Spain has never presented before, “quality pop” that made TVE choose the song directly as well instead of having a National Final like in 2012 and 2013. She said that singing in Spanish will not be a handicap to have good position in the Final and insisted on the importance of having a good song in Eurovision.

Amanecer is composed by Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson, one of the composers of Quédate conmigo, and we will have to wait to listen to it since it is still in recording process.


Is Spain ready for victory?


TVE confirmed that they “want to win” the contest after 46 years and this idea was repeated during the presentation and during the interview with Edurne. The Spanish broadcaster confirmed that they will give Edurne all their support and means to take Spain back to the top. Remember that Spain has not reached a Top 5 position since 1995, when Anabel Conde came 2nd in Dublin with Vuelve conmigo.

TVE also confirmed that José María Íñigo will be the Spanish commentator again and that they will broadcast both Semifinals this year. This did not happen since 2011. The semifinals will most probably be broadcasted on TVE2, and the Final will be on TVE1.


From we wish Edurne success in Vienna!

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