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More than a TV award

Federico Llano, Pernille Gaardbo and Jan Lagermand Lundme | © RTVE Federico Llano, Pernille Gaardbo and Jan Lagermand Lundme | © RTVE

Last week, the Danish broadcaster DR received a 'Premio Ondas', one of the most important television awards in Spain, for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

The Premios Ondas appeared in 1954 and are organized by Radio Barcelona-Cadena SER (active member of the EBU). They are the first Spanish awards for radio and television and are supported by the EBU itself as well, so they are very prestigious in Spain.

On the 6th November, it was announced that the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest organized by the Danish broadcaster DR had won the Premio Ondas for the best international TV show because of its professionalism, creativity and the audience it had worldwide. The ceremony took place last week in Barcelona. Pernille Gaardbo (Executive Producer), Jan Lagermand Lundme (Head of show), Bettina Brinkmann (head of TV at the EBU), Ignacio Gómez-Acebo (TVE’s Strategic Programme Planning) and Federico Llano (head of the Spanish delegation) were present in the event.  

Although we have seen more interest from TVE regarding the Eurovision Song Contest since Pastora Soler’s result in Baku, it is very important for the image of the Contest in Spain to receive an award like this. Despite of the great audiences every year, there are still many prejudices against Eurovision in Spain (old fashioned, freak, low quality, expensive for the public broadcaster,etc) and this award empathizes the quality of the contest (regarding the songs and the technical aspects) and supports TVE’s participation on it. For the Spanish public broadcaster, it is extremely important that one of the most important shows broadcasted by them gets this award.

Regarding the Spanish participation in Vienna, so far we don’t have news and there are not many rumors in the forums. TVE will present a new TV show soon called Hit/La Canción with the participation of many Eurovision artists like Pastora Soler (2012), Auryn (NF 2011), Sergio Dalma (1991), Rosa López (2002) and David Bustamante (NF 2002). Many fans think this might be used to choose the Spanish entry for 2015, but we will have to wait...

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