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Spain has confirmed!

Federico Llano and Jon Ola Sand | © Federico Llano and Jon Ola Sand | ©

Yesterday TVE confirmed that Spain will be next year in Vienna, so the season has officially started for Spanish Eurovision fans

Hola! After a long summer, September is here (we are just in the middle of it, time flies!) and the Eurovision season has officially started with the confirmation of the national broadcasters about their presence in Vienna.

I am personally very happy to see that the confirmations are going well and even several countries that did not take part in the previous years (Serbia, Bulgaria) are back. Of course, the more countries in the Contest, the better!

And finally we had news from Spain: Yesterday the head of the Spanish delegation, Federico Llano, gave the documentation to EBU Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand, so Spain officially confirmed its presence in next year's Contest. Although TVE's Eurovision Twitter account has been quite active during the past weeks, we could not officially confirm anything since there was no official announcement.


And now... what?


Now we can sit, relax and let the rumors begin, as it happens every year. TVE has not confirmed anything yet.

A few weeks ago it was announced that TVE is preparing a new talent show called The Hit, taken from the Irish television. Some newspapers have announced already that this show could be used as National Final to select the Spanish entry, but nothing has been confirmed. The selection process for this talent show started on the 1st September and TVE is looking for composerts that could be interested in taking part. It could be very interesting to find new composers who could make something "fresh" for the Spanish entry. In the end, Eurovision is still a song contest.

Let's see what happens, but it really looks like Spain will have a national final like this year. Anyway, I hope they make the right choice!

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