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Ruth Lorenzo on stage | Ruth Lorenzo on stage |

Ruth Lorenzo put Spain back in the top 10 after last year's low position and showed that TVE can do things right in Eurovision, following the path of Pastora Soler in Baku

Right after the contest, many fans (including me, I must say) were a bit disappointed with the 10th place that Ruth Lorenzo got in Copenhagen. But now, after a couple of days, it seems we all realize that it is a positive result for Spain, although it could have been better.


With Ruth on stage I had the same positive feelings I had with Pastora Soler 2 years ago: maybe the song was not the best, but the performance, the cameras, the lights... were brilliant, she looked better on the screen than never before and her powerful voice impressed me once again. Ruth's performance was maybe a bit more spectacular than Pastora's, but overall it gave me very good vibes and the impression that Spain could be in a decent position, just like 2 years ago. During the last years, and as Spanish fan, I did not have this feeling very often...


Spain needs to say “thank you” to Ruth because she followed the same path Pastora did: she has been working very hard for months, promoting the song all over Europe, listening to the fans and trying to avoid issues and making corrections from the beginning, and not just justifying the mistakes. I think as well that Ruth's experience in the British “show-bizz” (and her experience in big shows like X Factor) has been very positive for the Spanish performance. And I said it 2 years ago and I say it again: TVE has no excuse, they have proven that they can do things right if they work as they should, although this year their (positive) change of attitude towards the Contest and the fans has been highly appreciated.


In the press conference that took place this morning in Madrid, TVE was “satisfied” with the result and Ruth Lorenzo said that she would like to go back to Eurovision “in 3 years”. She also was “very happy” with her Conchita's victory: both artists have become close friends in the last months.


Now Ruth will start working on her new CD, called Planeta Azul. And from this small column I would like to say THANK YOU to Ruth, to her enthusiasm and to her professionalism. You can check here the interview we had with her a month ago in Amsterdam, her charm conquered us!


A new Eurovision season will start in a few months. And TVE has time enough to do it right again. They know the path.

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Last modified onMonday, 12 May 2014 21:25
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