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Ruth gets ready... having a rest

Ruth and her backing singers | TVE Ruth and her backing singers | TVE

The Spanish singer is preparing all the details before her departure to Copenhagen but she had to clarify that she needs complete rest for a couple of days to recover from all the stress

The Eurovision race for Ruth Lorenzo has been very long since the first rumors about her Eurovision candidature raised in December last year and it seems that this long way to Copenhagen has been a bit too much for her, although she has not lost her smile or her energetic looks.


A couple of days ago, a rumor was going on on all social networks: 'Ruth Lorenzo in hospital', after the cancellation of some acts during the weekend. However, on the same day, we saw her appearing (and even performing) in a couple of TV shows on TVE and in the afternoon she had a public appearance in Madrid to sign CDs and be in touch with the fans. Indeed she was not in hospital but, as she admitted in the TVE show La Mañana, she needs “complete rest” for a couple of days to fully recover from all the stress. Ruth said that she would go to her home city Murcia to rest.


Regarding her performance, we know that the fashion designer Ana Anmargo has made the Ruth's dress. According to her, it will be “a light beam” and it will refer to the 50s. And about the performance itself, Ruth will be on stage with 4 backing singers: Mey Green, Sandra Borrego, Aiwinnie Mybaby and Alana Sinkëy. For Mey Green, this will be her 3rd Eurovision experience after taking part as backing voice in 2012 and 2013.


TVE fully supports Ruth Lorenzo as it was clear during the press conference that took place on Monday in Madrid, and they really believe on her possibilities to win or at least get a good position for Spain in the Final. Both TVE (through its channels TVE1 and TVE Internacional) and the radio broadcaster RNE-Exterior (international broadcasting) will broadcast special programs before and after the Contest.


According to TVE, Ruth Lorenzo and her team will arrive to Copenhagen on Saturday 3rd May.



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