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Ruth Lorenzo prepares for Eurovision

Ruth Lorenzo during the Eurovision clip | Ruth Lorenzo during the Eurovision clip |

The Spanish singer was yesterday night in the radio show “La noche en vela” just before her trip to Amsterdam and gave us more details about her plans for Copenhagen, including details about the performance and the dress

As you know, Ruth Lorenzo will be tomorrow in Amsterdam for the Eurovision In Concert event, where 25 Eurovision artists will perform for the fans. Before her departure, Ruth visited the radio station RNE (part of the public broadcaster RTVE) and had an interview with Pilar Tabares and her team. Tabares is a well-known face for the Spanish Eurovision fans due to her presence in Operación Triunfo as member of the jury and being part of the Spanish delegation for Eurovision a few years ago. Tabares is a Eurovision fan as well and supports the presence of Spain in the Contest.


Ruth Lorenzo confirmed that she will not dance during her performance: “I am not a dancer […] I am going to sing, and sometimes you just need a camera, a bit of light and a microphone” and that there are high chances (99.99% according to her) of not having water (“rain”) on stage: “I tried everything but they said that last year’s winner Emmelie de Forest will not have rain for her song ‘Rainmaker’ (the official song of the Contest) so I will not have it either. Furthermore, the stage is impressive, full of LEDs, so it is almost impossible.”


Lorenzo confirmed that all details are being taken into account and that they are preparing a “surprise” during the first 10 seconds of the song and so far, she is singing  the English version of Dancing in the rain in all the performances (the only part in Spanish is “Deja la lluvia caer”). However, according to what she said, “the EBU says that the final version of the song has to be the one on the videoclip, so in the end it will be that one." In this version, there are still parts in Spanish but most of the song is in English. She also said that she has a dress for the Contest: “I will be a little diamond on stage and my hair will be loose,” she said.


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Regarding the other countries, her favorite songs are Ireland, United Kingdom and Sweden, and she also said that she likes Conchita Wurst.


And to conclude, she talked about her plans: her new cd Planeta Azul will be released in September and only 4 days after the Contest she will be leaving for Los Angeles to work on it.


If you would like to listen to the interview (in Spanish), listen to it here.

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Last modified onFriday, 04 April 2014 14:09
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