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Spain: Televoting results revealed

Ruth Lorenzo | Ruth Lorenzo |

TVE has released today the results of the televoting, that was decisive for Ruth Lorenzo’s victory in the Spanish NF last week Saturday.

Before the Spanish National Final last Saturday, many fans thought (including me) that all Spanish fans would be happy with any result since all 5 candidates were good (although according to all polls, only 2 had real chances of victory: Brequette and Ruth Lorenzo), but it wasn’t so: the tight voting between both singers and Brequette’s victory after the jury voting (remember that Ruth won the televoting and was, therefore, the winner of the night although they had the same amount of points) created a bad atmosphere amongst the Spanish Eurovision fans (pro-Ruth and pro-Brequette), up to the point  that there was an online petition with more than 3,000 signatures to ask TVE to disqualify Ruth and choose Brequette instead.

It is difficult to put in an article everything that happened during the days after the show and all the nasty comments that I have read. As Eurovision fan I have seen many "fights" between the supporters of 2 different songs/artists/countries during a voting (which is normal, since it is a contest) but never something like that. If you speak or understand Spanish, you should check the opinions of different supporters, including personal insults to the singers, boycotts, campaigns, etc. None of the singers deserved any of the words that were pronounced against them (especially Ruth, who got the highest amount of criticism since she was the winner).

One of the most problematic points was the televoting, since it was said that with such a tight voting, the full results of the televoting had to be revealed and TVE was accused of manipulating the televoting to make Ruth the winner. The Spanish Broadcaster has accepted to publish the results, and they are as follows:


-          Ruth Lorenzo – 30.97 %

-          Brequette – 27.40 %

-          Jorge González – 25.34%

-          Raúl – 9.36%

-          La Dama – 6.93 %


It is quite surprising the big difference between the first 3 songs and the rest, as well as the good result of Jorge González with more than 25 % of the votes. It is surprising as well that Ruth Lorenzo won with a clear diference of 3.5 points. It seems that although Más was the favorite in the polls, the live version of Dancing in the rain and Ruth's very secure performance convinced not only the fans but the Spanish audience as well.

Now that the results have been revealed, we hope that all the Spanish fans will support Ruth Lorenzo on her way to Copenhagen!

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