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All you need to know about the Spanish National Final

The Spanish candidates and Anne Igartiburu | Vertele The Spanish candidates and Anne Igartiburu | Vertele

Tomorrow the show “Mira quién va a Eurovisión” will be aired on TVE and the Spanish representative will be chosen, so if you are curious about the show check our guide!

The Spanish fans are really enthusiastic with this year’s National Final for Eurovision and TVE is indeed showing more interest in the Eurovision Song Contest than in previous years not only about the chosen artists but also about the interaction with the fans on the Internet. During the press conference that took place a few days ago in Madrid, TVE promised “a show in line with other European finals”, so we can expect improvements compared to previous Spanish National Finals.

Mira quién va a Eurovisión will start at 22:00h CET on TVE-1 and will be hosted by Anne Igartiburu, a familiar name for Eurovision fans since she has been involved in several Eurovision shows (2010, 2012). Not all fans seem to be enthusiastic with her but she is for sure one of TVE’s best hosts and she has been working at the public broadcaster for more than 13 years.

As announced, TVE’s studios in Sant Cugat (Barcelona) have been chosen for the National Final. The studio of the show Mira quién baila will be used for the show with some modifications. If you are curious about the original stage you can check some videos of the dancing show HERE.

Remember that the running order will be as follows (between brackets, the age and born place of the singers):

1. Brequette Cassie (30, Cape Town, South Africa) - Más (Run)
2. La Dama (28, Seville) - Estrella fugaz
3. Ruth Lorenzo (32, Murcia) - Dancing in the rain
4. Jorge González (25, Madrid)- Aunque se acabe el mundo
5. Raúl (38, Vitoria) - Seguir sin ti 

Out of the 5 songs, 2 will be partially performed in English (Más and Dancing in the rain) and for the first time in history, TVE might consider sending a whole song in English if one of these 2 entries wins the show. The other 3 songs are completely in Spanish.

You can find more Info about the candidates in our review.

The voting will be 50% jury voting-50% televoting. This year there will be 3 jury members:

  • David Bustamante (OT 2002 and chorus of Rosa in Eurovision 2002)
  • Merche (Spanish NF 2001)
  • Mónica Naranjo

Special guest: Gisela (OT 2002 and Andorra 2008) will perform during the show a medley of Eurovision songs. Apart from her performance, TVE has promised “surprises” but they have not revealed anything about them so we will have to wait until the show.

According to TVE, the show will take approximately 70 minutes.


How can I watch the show?

TVE-1: Only if you live in Spain and Andorra. The show will be aired on the first channel right after the news. Remember that the voting will be possible from the beginning of the show.

TVE Internacional: If you live in Europe or America and you have access to TVE’s international channel, you can watch the show live as well. The broadcasting time will remain the same (22:00 CET).

RTVE.ES: TVE’s online streaming works very good if you have a good connection and the quality is very decent. So far we have not detected any geographical limitations so normally you should be able to watch the show from any region of the world. Click here to access the online broadcasting (make sure you are watching “La 1”).

TWITTER: Several hashtags have been used for the show such as #europarty, #europartyTVE and #mqvEurovision. TVE uses all 3 so you can use them as well to make your comments during the show. You can follow the account @eurovision_tve as well (although they mostly tweet in Spanish). Here at we will tweet as well using the hashtags #europarty and #europartyTVE.


Enjoy the show!

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Last modified onFriday, 21 February 2014 16:28
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