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Spain: National Final in February

One of these artists will represent Spain in Copenhagen - One of these artists will represent Spain in Copenhagen -

After months of rumors and speculations, TVE will organize a National Final with Ruth Lorenzo, Raúl, Brequette, Jorge González and La Dama. Want to know more about the artists?

Since TVE confirmed in mid November that Spain was going to be present in Copenhagen, the rumors about who could represent this country have been countless, in line with the division in TVE itself about what to do for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest: internal selection, national final, Ruth Lorenzo, Roser, the talent show Uno de los nuestros, a previous representative, a new and unknown artist... but now we can confirm that Spain will celebrate a national final  in February (the last one took place in 2011) with these 5 candidates. Unfortunately, we cannot listen to the songs yet, but we would like to introduce you each artist with one of their performances:

 - Ruth Lorenzo: This 32-year-old singer from Murcia hardly needs much introduction after her performances in the British X Factor. Her name has been in the polls since last year and it was the favorite for some people within TVE to represent Spain as an internal choice but apparently the fact that she is still not very popular in Spain was the reason why she was not chosen internally. She will be present in the national final with the song Dancing in the rain, written by Ruth herself.

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- Raúl: His full name is Raúl Fuentes and was born in 1975 in Vitoria. His career was launched in 2000 when he tried to represent Spain in Stockholm with the song Sueño su boca, which became 2nd (the winner was Serafín Zubiri with Colgado de un sueño). The song became extremely popular during that year and he had several hits between 2000 and 2002. Afterwards we did not hear that much from him although he has been working and releasing cds (the last one in 2011). He will perform in the national final the ballad Seguir sin ti.

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- Brequette (Brequette Shane): This 30-year-old girl lives in the Canary Islands, but she was born in Cape Town (South Africa). She became popular in 2012, when she took part in the Spanish version of The Voice. Since then, and although she did not win the show, we have seen her performing in several important events like the Carnival of Las Palmas and together with David Bisbal. She will perform a mid-tempo “international” (according to TVE) song called Más (Run) composed by Antonio Sánchez-Ohlsson and Thomas G:sson, the composers of Quédate conmigo. Pastora Soler will be the artistic director of Brequette.

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- La Dama: Her real name is Dámaris Abad and was born in 1986 in Seville. She started her career performing pop songs with a flamenco touch. When she was 13, she led her own group called “Un Par” together with her brother Rafael. Her husband is Melendi, a very popular Spanish singer who was also coach in The Voice, is the composer of her song for the national final, Estrella fugaz, a mid-tempo song with R&B and electronic pop influences.

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- Jorge González: Born in Villarejo de Salvanés (Madrid) in 1988, this young singer started his career in 2006, when he took part in Operación Triunfo. Since them, he has tried several times to represent Spain in Eurovision, like in 2008 with the song Celos (did not qualify for the final) and in 2009 when he tried to go to Moscow with Si yo vengo a enamorarte (9th in the national final). In 2012 he took part in The Voice and became one of the finalists. In 2014 he will try to represent Spain in Copenhagen with the song Aunque se acabe el mundo.

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In general we can conclude that this year's Spanish National Final seems to have quite a high level. For the first time in many years, most of the Spanish fans seem to be satisfied with TVE's decision.

The exact date of the national final is still unknown but it will take place in February and the songs will be published by TVE "soon".

For more information, you can visit TVE's official website:

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