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Susanne Georgi wants Andorra back to Eurovision

Susanne Georgi performing in Moscow Susanne Georgi performing in Moscow

Andorra took part in the Eurovision Song Contest for the last time in 2009 in Moscow, and it was represented by the Danish singer Susanne Georgi. Georgi, who is still popular in both countries, has given an interview to “Diari d’Andorra” and says very interesting things about the Eurovision Song Contest in her “second” country.

Since 2009, we haven’t heard that much from Andorra and the Eurovision Song Contest. There were even rumorssaying that the Andorran broadcaster RTVA had withdrawn as member of the EBU (which in the end did not happen). But the fact is that the RTVA has not mentioned anything anymore about the Contest and no news have come from this small country... until this week.

Susanne Georgi is one of the few voices from Andorra that has talked about the country in the Eurovision Song Contest. The Danish singer is at the moment preparing the comeback of the duo “Me & My” with her sister Pernille for 2014 and they are going to perform in Denmark, Western Europe and Japan, which is the main focus of the interview to Diari D'Andorra early this month. This duo was very popular in the early 90s with hits such as Dub i dub.

Asked about the Eurovision Song Contest, this is her opinion:

“For me it is very sad to see that they don’t have 80,000 EUR to participate [in the ESC] and at the same time they spend millions in other things like the “Cirque du Soleil”. Eurovision is one of the most incredible promotions you can have, in front of millions of people, how much would such and advertisement cost on TV? I will always do everything I can to make Andorra taking part again: you can make much more out of this money than sending politicians all over the place."

You can read the original interview HERE (in Catalan).  

Here is Susanne Georgi performing La teva decisió (Get a live) in Moscow:  

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And here is Susanne together with her sister Pernille in the duo “Me & My”:

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I think we all want Andorra back to the Eurovision Song Contest, don't we?

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