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Pastora Soler’s new successful single

Pastora Soler in the videoclip of "Te despertaré" | © Pastora Soler Pastora Soler in the videoclip of "Te despertaré" | © Pastora Soler

“Te despertaré” (I will wake you up) is the title of Pastora's latest song, which has been recently released. The 2012 Spanish representative is still enjoying a sweet moment in her career.

Hi everyone! After a (long) break, I’m back with my dear Pastora Soler :-)

Pastora is probably the best example of how much an artist can achieve with a good Eurovision performance. Although she was already famous a successful artist in Spain, her Eurovision performance made her even more popular and she became famous in many countries, especially in South America. During this last year after her memorable performance in Baku, the Andalusian singer has been extremely busy, being a jury member in the TV show “El Número Uno” in the private channel Antena 3 and now with her new hit, “Te despertaré”.

This ballad has quickly become a hit on the web and it starts to be aired on Spanish radios as well. The video clip was released yesterday and was filmed in Tenerife (Canary Islands).

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What do you think about her new song? How do you like it?

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