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Advance tickets for Euro Fan Café selling faster than expected

After last year's fan celebration, the advance tickets for this year's Fan Café are going fast!
The Euro Fan Café returns for the second year, after last year's glittering debut in Malmö, this time at Copenhagen's Huset-KBH (Rådhusstræde 13). With opening day set for 28 April, there are discounted tickets available online until 27 April for you to purchase. 
Rick Jacobs, Project Manager for Euro Fan Café, advised us that ticket sales are going faster than they expected. "Sales are double what our projections were for this time of the year. We are very happy to know so many people are eager to take part in Euro Fan Café, but it could mean we sell out to capacity before we open on 28 April."
Here is a rundown of how to buy tickets online and which price is suitable for you.
Tickets for 200 DKK (26 €)
Can be bought here:
Available to you if you have one of the following:
- OGAE or INFE Membership for 2014 (previous years do not qualify)
- EBU accreditation - a pass for either Press or Fan accreditation
Tickets for 300 DKK (40 €)
Can be bought here:
Available to the general public without accreditation or fan club membership.
Here are some answers to questions that Euro Fan Café has been getting:
Where can I pick up my tickets if I buy them online?
Tickets will be available at Huset-KBH, location of this year's Euro Fan Café. They are open from 12 noon every day from 28 April, and will have an entry bracelet available for you in exchange for your ticket purchase. All you need to do is bring a printout of your receipt and proof of accreditation or fan club membership if you qualify for a discount ticket. We cannot make exceptions without the proof of purchase and your accreditation/fan membership for 2014.
What happens if I buy a ticket after 27 April?
There will be tickets on sale at Huset-KBH, depending on availablility.
What happens if you are sold out?
Huset-KBH has a maximum capacity which we cannot exceed. 
What about the prices if I buy a ticket in Copenhagen?
The 200 DKK ticket price rises to 250 DKK if purhased at Huset-KBH. The 300 DKK tickets remain the same.
Are you charging anything extra for certain events?
No. Once you buy a ticket, you have access to all events for 13 days. 
Do I get a discount with a ticket on food or drink?
No, but we have adjusted beer prices so that they are among the lowest in the centre of Copenhagen. There is an incredible restaurant within Huset-KBH that offers hearty food for under 100 DKK. There are also dozens of options for eating and drinking nearby, although you'll pay more than Euro Fan Café prices. 
I just want to come for one day, so do I have to pay full price?
There are day tickets available at Huset-KBH for 100 DKK (13 €), depending if there is space available to come in. These are not available online.
If I am coming on 6 May, is it the same price for tickets?
Yes. Euro Fan Café is completely self-supporting and without financial sponsorship, so ticket prices is what funds all of our activities.
Can children come in and what is the ticket price?
Yes, children are allowed into Euro Fan Café, provided that they are acommpanied by an adult. Ticket prices are the same as the regular price.
I am in a wheelchair. What is access like?
We have easy access into the building via ramp, and an elevator that brings you all over the venue.
I am travelling all the way from Canada and I demand that you have Danish artists on all the time if I am going to buy a ticket. Can you guarantee Danish artists?
This was an actual question that we received. Yes, there will be Danish artists appearing, although not all the time.
Don't forget to join the Euro Fan Café on Facebook to keep up with news and gossip.
Euro Fan Café group:
Huset-KBH Facebook page:


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