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12points Copenhagen Tips | Danish Design

Danish interior design is a perfect gift for somebody special back home or just a new cool thing for your home. Danish interior design is not all about big furniture. You are able to find a lot of Danish interior design that will fit in your language home.

Whether you are into the Danish Design classics or the more experimental design, you will find something just right for you in the shops on our list.

Copenhagen’ s best interior design shops:

First Semi Final | Good Evening Europe

The Eurovision Choir and Emmelie de Forrest started off the show with drums and a song that sounds more like Duran Duran’s “Wild Boys” than “Only Teardrops”.

While the room is bathed in so much blue light that it blurred out all the colours of the different flags and made them look like 30 shades of blue, the 3 host clumsily bid the audience welcome to the show.

All the artists were asked to create their country’s flag that represent them as an artist and as a person. I think the postcards are very successful and creative.

As something new 4 clips from the “Eurovision Book of Records” will be shown throughout the show. Let's see how that goes.

Now to the 16 songs …

We saw a man with a good appetite calling for his mother, colourful Teletubbies, squatting tangled Twins, a re-enactment of Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” (or maybe not) and a woman who pulls out her own hair.

But who will go on to the Final?

Overall all the artists delivered good and strong performances in the First Semi Final. It is hard to tell who are the 10 best of the 16 songs. I have my favourites songs.

12points Copenhagen Tips | Wellness

Dancing all night long to your favorite Eurovision tunes can make your feet and body feel 10 years older. Treat yourself to a soaking and relaxing afternoon, so you can feel and look your best when you go to all the Eurovision parties.

Trash or Treasure

What a dump! is the first impression you have when you arrive at the Eurovision Island after an 1-hour bus ride.

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