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E-daily | Eurovision updates today.....

++ I will, I can, is what Blue's Lee Ryan must have thought ++ Bulgaria not heading to Copenhagen ++ New EBU deadline ++ Will Edyta Górniak return to the contest? ++ Votes for sale in Finland ++ and more Eurovision news today.


Song titles with one letter missing

Only one letter can make a huge, hilarious difference. The hashtag #bookswithalettermissing was trending on Twitter last week. In response, we decided to mainly do ourselves a favor and Photoshop some Eurovision song titles with one letter missing, hoping you all will like them too. Please do share your examples with us! #escwithonelettermissing.


E-daily | Viva La Diva Loca

++ Split Eurovision results revealed ++ Only Teardrops vanishes from iTunes charts ++ Conchita Wurst is back ++ First Swedish participant selected in August ++ And more Eurovision news.

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