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Some quick MF updates....

Tomorrow Sweden will be all about Melodifestivalen. For the Nordic country Eurovision is not the main focus, Melodifestivalen is Melodifestivalen - Eurovision is a later concern. The winner of tomorrow's show however will represent Sweden in Malmö in May. The Melodiesftivalen show will take place in the Friends' Arena in Stockholm, a considerably bigger venue than Malmö Arena where the action will be in May - this and the fact that millions will watch the show tomorrow and 100,000's will cast their tele votes illustrate the importance of MF.

Here are some quick updates. 


Kdam fiasco as Kathleen withdraws - Nicky Goldstein back in


The Canadian singer who won the Israeli version of "The Voice" blaming the jury for favouritism, with some members confessing they will not vote for her.

UPDATE: IBA have selected Nicky Goldstein to replace Kathleenin the Kdam Final tomorrow night with his song "We Are One" Nicky was placed second in the Second Chance round on Sunday.

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