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E-daily | Australia calling!

++ Australia to have a relevant role again this year ++ Running order of the semifinals decided this morning ++ Amsterdam and London calling ++ Aram MP3's plans ++ And more Eurovision news


Rise up for Greece

Freaky Fortune featuring Riskykidd will represent Greece in Copenhagen with Rise Up. The song has been written by the three blokes themselves. Greece will be performing in the second semi final on 8 May.


E-daily | Slimmed-down Semi Final in Norway tonight

++ Norway's Semi-Final 1 tonight is part of a slimmer run-up to ESC ++ Germany's Count of Unholy talks about singing in English and picks his toughest competitor ++ What we know about the UK's Molly Smitten-Downes so far ++ Ireland's Kasey Smith wants even more Irish dancers ++ and more Eurovision news


E-daily | Wedding Bells in Copenhagen

++ Holy Eurovision matrimony in Copenhagen ++ A Dal is on the Horizon ++ Greece acts are revealed ahead of Semi Final ++ Your round up of all the Eurovision ation this weekend ++ And the rest of the news around Europe today! ++


E-daily | Eurovision updates today.....

++ I will, I can, is what Blue's Lee Ryan must have thought ++ Bulgaria not heading to Copenhagen ++ New EBU deadline ++ Will Edyta Górniak return to the contest? ++ Votes for sale in Finland ++ and more Eurovision news today.

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