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Viva Europa!

Viva Europa!

Gaitana, representing Ukraine in this year's Eurovision Song Contest has presented her new CD this week. The album is dedicated to sports, social events and of course also includes her Eurovision entry Be my Guest.

'Viva Europe' is the name of the album, that has only been released digitally. The title track has been written in anticipation of EURO 2012, which is not refereing to Eurovision 2012 in case you were wondering, but the European soccer championships. One of the other songs is written for FC Shakhtar, the cup winning soccer team in Ukraine and several of the songs on the album are dedicated to good social causes like Unicef and a social programme for orphans.

We listened to several tracks, most of them are vibrant like her Eurovision entry, but some also show a more sensitive side of Gaitana's repertoire. Like the ballads Mayak and Zacharuy nas lyubov for instance.  Generally speaking though, we could say, if you liked Be My Guest, you will probably like this album too. Via Europe is available through several online stores, like iTunes for instance.



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Last modified onWednesday, 11 July 2012 01:01
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