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Lena's world is turning

Lena's world is turning

It hurts, oh it still hurts that we didn't know about LenaPh's new CD before. reviews Världen snurrar. 

Lena Ph - Världen snurrar (2012) *****


Sweden has slowly but steadily been able to get used to la Ph's comeback. After her duet album, together with Orup (2008) everything remained silent around Lena for two years. In the beginning of last year she released the single Idiot, last summer she participated in Så Mycket Bättre, a popular cover show on Swedish TV and at the end of 2011 she was the star in her intimate dream circus concerts.

The world has kept moving around Lena Ph, and that exactly is the title of her new album: Världen snurrar. Obviously Idiot is included, but also some of the marvelous cover version from Så Mycket Bättre; Laleh - Live Tommorrow and Timbuktu - Botten Is Nådd, they're both there. Unfortunately Tomas Ledin's Sensuella Isabella did not make it, a very sexy version Lena made out of that one. If I would have been to decide, I'd rather have had that song on the CD, in stead of the slightly old fashioned Ett Hjärta.

La Ph. anno 2012, is fully exposed on this album. We have to say that: Lena Ph. is delivering a nice mature dance cd which just makes it impossible not to move. The mix of 80's tunes and electro fit like a glove. Lena sounds fresh, is dance-able, rocks and is intimate and lively at the same time. Lena knows what good pop music should be and how she fits in the scene. Conclusion: this lady knows exactly what she wants and she knows what we want: Världen Snurrar. Definitely an instant hit!!



1. Du Följer Väl Med
2. Live Tomorrow
3. Bli Galen
4. Idiot
5. Vart Tog Du Vägen
6. Igen Och Igen
7. Världen Snurrar
8. Ett Hjärta
9. Botten Is Nådd
10. Nästa Säsong


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Last modified onSunday, 14 October 2012 11:33
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