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New Kuunkuiskaajat album in your hands!

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When artists have ideas, they should not be limited by record companies - there should be no compremises in art. That is what the Kuunkuiskaajat girls must have thought at least. After some long discussions with different record companies they made the brave decisison to make an album on their own, with no financial support from any company. 

Crowd Sourcing

Kuunkuiskaajat, who represented Finland in 2010, still gets the audience wild with their Eurovision entry Työlki Ellää.

Following their debute album which was called Kuunkuiskaajat, there is a new album coming up this autumn, that will be financed in a way that gives them the freedom to make it exactly the way they want it to be. All songs have been written, composed ans sung by Susan and Johanna themselves. And as for the financial part of it all, they decided to go for crowd-sourcing. This means that everybody can help make their album project possible.  If you decide to support them for 30 euros, you will get the CD before the actual release. If you want to be in for a bigger sum, you can even get a personal gig by them! Find out more here.

We had a little chat with them

- When do you expect the album to be released?

With your help the new Kuunkuiskaajat album can become reality the latest by August 2014.

- You both have been part of Värttinä, one of you still is, I believe. Scandinavian modern folk music had a bit of a revival in the the 90's, Värttinä and other bands like Garmarna and Hedningarna even had some success abroad in these days. How does your music now, and the music you have in mind for your new album connect to this tradition?

Yes we both have been in Värttinä, we sang together over ten years in Värttinä. Susan still sings in the band. Kuunkuiskaajat music today is more and more our own songs, all the songs of the new album are written by us. CD will  be very personal, revealing and beloved for us.
You can still hear spices of finish and slavic folk music, even gipsy music.

- Why did you decide to start up Kuunkuiskaajat, what makes you different from Värttinä? Wouldn't Työlkki Ellää have been a suitable song for Värttinä too?

We both are freelance artists so it's natural we like to do different kind of music. We are very close friends and our energies fits good together so it felt good to make music together. Värttinä has totally own style to make music and it's very different than Kuunkuiskaajat music. Värttinä's music based on karelian music  while Kuunkuiskaajat music is more mixed of finnish schlager with hint of slavic music and world music. Also the singing style is totally different.
No we don't hear Työlki ellää song as Värttinä's repertoire.

- In some serious music circles Eurovision might be considered trivial. The style of Työllki Ellää is not very typical for Eurovision, how did your fans respond to that. Were they supportive?

When we won the Finnish national Eurovision final, we were a new duo so the finnish people didn't know about us. They knew us from Värttinä but as Kuunkuiskaajat we were a new band. So we got many fans only after the win.

- What has Eurovision meant for your carreer? Would you do it again? And what would be your requirements if you would?

It was great opportunity to introduce our new duo for people. We had so many gigs and we were so much in media in 2010 so whole Finland get to known us and our music.
It would be great to do it again but for now we focus on other things. If we would do it again we would need a good idea and reason to do it again. The whole year was such a great experience and we learned so many things about music industry and got many great fans from all over the world!

- Many Eurovision fans only know your Eurovision entry, will they easily be able to connect to your new work, you think?

Everybody in the whole world is able to buy our upcoming album via the crowd funding campaign. For 30€ the CD will be sent to your address before the album release, and this way you can fund our cd-project also. We also have our official website and a Facebook page where you can easily find all the information about our upcoming concerts and other things we are doing.

- Any plans to come down to (the rest of) Europe, this summer? So we can catch you live somewhere?

We'll take part of big project called "Staalon kaato" in next September. It's a big tour with other artists. There we'll perform also Kuunkuiskaajat new material from upcoming cd. In addition to Finland we'll tour also in the northern part of Sweden and Norway.


More information:

The crowd-sourcing project

Staalon Kaato

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