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Loreen heals!

Loreen heals!

Loreen's new album Heal is going to be released on 24 October. We at already managed to get a sneak preview.

Loreen - Heal (2012) ***** (plus *** more)


Every moderate Eurovision fan will have the feeling he knows Loreen because of her speed carreer so far. How did it all start again? Well actually in the 2004 edition of Idols in Sweden, but then we didn't hear anything for a while until she took part in Melodifestivalen 2011 with My Heart Is Refusing Me. After a little in-between hit in Sweden, with Sober, the real break through came this year: the Eurovision success of Euphoria.

Can she do anything more to convince after having scored a huge success all over Europe and beyond? Of course, Loreen can still prove she is not a one-day-fly.

Don't expact to be taken from one Euphoric experience to the next one, on this album. On "Heal", Loreen demonstrates how an album can be healing. Sometimes very modest, sometimes joyfull and once in a while even euphoric. All of her desires, feelings and theories are being delt with. Compasionate as we know her.

Heal doesn't sound like an album that has been produced in a rush. Musically it shows pure ambition. Every song sounds like an exciting production, sometimes witty and always with a dose of Loreens own misty sound; a mix of europop, synth and some drama without sounding superficial or hollow. This and much more makes Heal an exciting album that gets more and more interesting after listening a few times more. 

Loreen was a dream too good to be true when she released Euphoria. This album fits in her reputation, it's almost too good to be true as well. And yes, I am serious about that!

1. "In My Head"
2. "My Heart Is Refusing Me"
3. "Everytime"
4. "Euphoria"
5. "Crying Out Your Name"
6. "Do We Even Matter"
7. "Sidewalk"
8. "Sober"
9. "If She’s the One"
10. "Breaking Robot"
11. "See You Again"
12. "Heal" (feat. Blanks)


What do you think?

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