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Aurela Gaçe writes history!

She did it again.

Aurela Gaçe, 36 years old, has won Festivali i Këngës for the 3rd time. This makes her the =2nd most successful performer in the 48 years of the contest. This feat was previously reached by Vaçe Zela in 1966, Tonin Tërshana in 1983 and Manjola Nallbani in 1993. The song she has won with this year is called "Kënga ime", translated as "My song".


Our Sound delayed

not canceled. still intends to keep you updated about Asiavision, or better yet Our Sound as the Asian sister contest to the Eurovision is called. As it was planned to take place in Mumbai, India in the end of November and nothing seemed to be going on as far as national selections are concerned we were kind of concerned that it was going to be cancelled. But today, via their Facebook page, we found out that we should call it delay in stead. No further new dates revealed yet.


Norwegian Tourist Boards happy with ESC

The Norwegian and the Oslo Tourist Boards are very happy about the results of the Eurovision Song Contest as it has brought them millions of free promotion. Innovation Norway has counted the number of tv reports all around Europe, about Oslo and Norway in the period before and after the contest and come to a number of more than 10,000 tv programmes. According to Visit Oslo that's 134 miliion Europ worth of free publicity! They already see growing numbers of bookings and tourists coming to Oslo. Source NRK


Liechtenstein's entry in 2011?

With Austria, the Czech Republic and Italy expressing their disinterest in the Eurovision Song Contest by not entering, we are able to report some positive news from Liechtenstein. German fansite reports that the tiny country between Austria and Switzerland indeed is intending to attend the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.

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