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The Makemakes: "We want to give a real piece of music to the Song Contest"

The Makemakes: "We want to give a real piece of music to the Song Contest"

This year's host country Austria will send the band The Makemakes to their capital Vienna, to compete with their song 'I Am Yours', written by Jimmy Harry, Paul Estrela and the three band members themselves. They were in Amsterdam two weeks ago for the Eurovision in Concert promotion event.

"The Austrian preselection was great, there were a lot of great competitors", Dominic Muhrer tells us when we briefly speak with him and his colleagues Markus Christ and Florian Meindl. "Basically, we had lots of fun there. What we do is play music, and that's we did. We love music and I think that's the reason we're representing Austria now. We were asked if we could imagine ourselves in the Eurovision Song Contest and we immediately said yes! We want to give a real piece of music to the Song Contest; we are a band and we will always play music. You have to let the music speak, that's what we stand for."

We'll be in Austria this year because of Conchita's win. Would Eurovision be something you would have done without her winning? Dominic: "Yeah, definitely! And because the Song Contest is happening in Austria it's even a greater honor for us, so we're really happy. We haven't played together with Conchita yet but she played after us at a concert in Austria, and that was great. She's really nice, we love her. She's got so much presence and she's very beautiful. A great lady!"

Last question: any song standing out for you guys this year, besides your own song? "Finland is pretty cool, because they're rock 'n roll guys like we are: rockers."

The Makemakes will perform directly in the Final on starting position 14 with the song 'I Am Yours'. Good luck!

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