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Elnur Huseynov: “It is a good opportunity to represent myself as solo artist”

Elnur in Amsterdam Elnur in Amsterdam

The Azerbaijani artist will represent his country for the second time in Eurovision with 'Hour of the wolf', which is already one of the big favorites amongst the fans.

Elnur was happy to be in Amsterdam and in Eurovision in Concert: “It is like my second city. I have a lot of friends here: Azeri, Dutch, my teacher lives here... I have been here many times” he said.


Regarding his Eurovision participation, he told us a bit more about how was the selection process in Azerbaijan: “I was invited by the national broadcaster (İctimai Televiziya) so I considered it and I said yes because it is a good opportunity to represent myself as a solo artist since 7 years ago I was part of a duo. And also because it is an honor to represent my country.”


Although he was enthusiastic about this second Eurovision experience, he does not think of participating again after this year: “I think this will be my last time at Eurovision, and if I win I will start making concerts and also will start making my own CD.” Remember that this has been a big year for Elnur not only because of Eurovision, but also because in February he won the Turkish edition of “The Voice”, so this will definitely help his career as well.


Elnur Huseynov will perform in the 11th place in the 2nd Semi Final with the song Hour of the wolf. Good luck Elnur!

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Last modified onMonday, 20 April 2015 20:10
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