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The ten songs that just did not make it #ESC250

The ten songs that just did not make it #ESC250

On 31 December, ESCradio broadcast the ultimate 250 Eurovision songs as voted for by over 4,000 Eurovision fans - as the tradition wants us to we can now reveal the 10 songs that just didn't make it! Better luck for them next year?

251 (156) Anne Marie David-Je suis l'enfant soleil (France 1979)
252 (new) Avi Toledano-Hora (Israel 1982)
253 (new) Cezar-It's My Life  (Romania 2013)
254 (new) Poli Genova-Na inat (Bulgaria 2011)
255 (new) Alyona Lanskata-Solayoh  (Belarus 2013)
256 (173) Compact Disco-Sound of Our Hearts (Hungary 2012)
257 (175) Maya Sar-Korake ti znam (Bosnia and Herzegovina 2012)
258 (167) Anggun-Echo (You and I) (France 2012)
259 (new) Ira Losco-Seventh Wonder (Malta 2002)
260 (249) Rollo & King-Never ever let you go (Denmark 2001)

Find the countdown from 250 to number 1 here.

If you wanna listen to snippets of all song - this should get you through them in less than an hour (if you really try hard).

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