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Emmelie de Forest and her cakes

Tonight's winner in Denmark dropped the cakes Tonight's winner in Denmark dropped the cakes

Emmelie de Forest spoke with fifteen minutes after she won the chance to represent Denmark at ESC 2013.

We were able to squeeze in the last interview with Emmilie before the DR press corps dragged her away for whatever a Melodi Grand Prix winner does after interviews. Although we never found out how it felt when she won, what she was thinking when she won, how she felt about the other contestants, and if she was happy that she won, we tried to dig a bit deeper. We understand that you are one of the few contestants that didn't start on X-Factor or another reality show. Is it true that you work in a bakery?

Emmilie de Forest: Yeah, I work in a bakery and I'm very happy to do so. It's a very cozy job - I eat cake, have a sandwich, it's great. 

12P: A lot of potential singers would love to be in a competition like this. How did you start?

EdF: Some common friends hooked me up with Anders from Good Songs, and they asked me to sing their song at Melodi Grand Prix. We recorded it and sent it in. In December, we were told that our song was chosen for MGP 2013. I was so surprised. Anders called me just before I had to go to work, and I was so happy! I smiled the whole day and even dropped the cakes! I couldn't concentrate. It was fantastic.

12p: What did you think about when you put this song together? Who were the others that you collaborated with?

EdF: We are a good team and well together, talking about what we should do. We all participated in making this song great.

12p: Before the show began, did you really think to yourself, "I am going to be in Malmö in May?"

EdF: I think this is a winning song. However, I didn't expect to come in the Top 3 and I was so surprised when they called my name. And, I was even more surprised to win it all - wow! My heart was beating so fast. I was holding onto Mohamed and we were both so nervous. I was touched and moved, and I cried a little.

12p: What kind of music do you like to listen to in your spare time?

EdF: I love Kate Bush, The Ravonettes, Deep Purple, and even Christina Aguilera. I listen to various things, even Led Zeppelin and Dolly Parton.

12p: Thanks and we'll see you in Malmö!

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