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Twelve Points about Featured - your vision, our vision - your vision, our vision is the newest eurovision website around, and hopefully your favourite one to be. We aim to please, but we also aim to communicate with you. We have our opinion, you have yours., Our vision, your vision.

"1" | "Eurovision Facts"

We're still building up, but eventually we would like to be your Eurovision reference. Wether you are a big fan or just passing by, you should easilly find the answers to your questions about the contest. At some points other sites are just better, so then we kindly refer to them.


"2" | "The News"

For some the Eurovision is only one night a year, for some it is three, for others it is a couple of months a year. For us it is an all year event. All year round there is news about the contest, we will bring you the headlines. Not by copying everything google news presents to us. We'd rather just refer to the source articles when it comes to that. You'll find a summit of the most important news facts per day in our 'Ooh Aah, just a little news' section. Apart from this daily news round-up, we'll bring you the news we gather. We will be present in Baku, but also at other related events. We will try to get in contact with all key players ourself whenever we can, just to bring you news from the first hand.

"3" | "Fun"

We  don't do this to become rich. We do all this because we really think it is fun!

"4" | "Views"

We have our opinions about many things, we don't want to impose these opinions on you though. We don't expect you to agree, so do let us know in that case. We love to discuss things with you. But: News is news, we don't have to throw our views into that all the time.

"5" | "Parties!!"

We have a history. Not only as a Eurovision site, previously we did our job under the name of, but also as party people. When we noticed it was hard to find some place to go out, where we could listen to our kind of music, we decided to organise our own parties. And by now we know how to that. We've had 3minutes parties in Belgrade, Moscow, Oslo and Düsseldorf, but also in Stockholm and throughout the Netherlands. Keep an eye on our events calendar to find out when the next one is coming up. Our parties guarantee 100% Eurovision music, with usually quite a dose of Melodifestivalen in it as well.

"6" | "Creating traditions"

The people behind have been deeply involved in a really cool project. At least we think it is cool. For a number of years we have been organising a Eurovision Top 250 on New Years eve and New years day. That tradition we want to continue. Other traditions might just pop up....

"7" | "Cooperating"

We believe we can be strong together. We are open to cooperating with anyone else that shares our passion. So if you feel you have something more to share with us, do let us know.

"8" | "Let us be your guide in Baku"

We are going to be in Baku, during the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. Quite some fans are going there too, just like us. In Moscow, Oslo and Düsseldorf we worked hard on being the perfect city guide, for everyone joining us there during the Eurovision weeks. For Baku we aim to do the same again. We'll list all there is you ahve to know about the city and especially all there is to know about the events that are going to be organised that have something to do with the contest (hopefully including some 12points parties).

"9" | "Behind the scenes of Eurovision"

We will be attending all dress rehearsals, parties and press conferences in Baku and we will do our best to share all of our experiences with you. Making you part of the experience, without even being there. So join us behind the scenes!

"10" | "Let's grow together"

We are still small. just a couple of international Eurovision fanatics. But we have a lot of plans. Do you ahve ideas too? Share them with us, and we can start growing together. If you want to become part of our team, join us, we don't believe in strong hierarchy, we believe in achieving the things we want to achieve together.

"11" | "Juniors...."

Yes, we dare to admit, we like the Junior Song Contest too, well, at least some of us do!

"12" | "Independent"

We are writing about things we want to write about. We're not governed by anyone else. We dare to take a stand. We are willing to disagree with anyone. We do like it if you have an opinion too, even if it's different from ours.

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