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Revealed: 12 Slogans for Eurovision 2015

Join Us

After Denmark revealed their "Join Us" slogan, other Eurovision contestants are already thinking of THEIR slogans once they win in 2014.

The reaction to Copenhagen being chosen as the ESC 2014 city seems to have been received with a lot of "Thanks be to Christ/Allah/Yahweh that it's not Herning". However, the slogan chosen for the event: "Join Us", has been met with a steaming pile of "meh" by many. 

Our colleagues over at Wiwibloggs have come up with a few hilarious alternatives to "Join Us", many other broadcasters have already been planning for May 2015. Should these countries win, we imagine that these will be the slogans that they will use around their hosting duties. Press next to see our slogans!

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Last modified onThursday, 05 September 2013 18:55
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