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12 points about Wonderful Copenhagen

There are probably about 144 reasons for us to be happy that Eurovision will take place in Copenhagen next year, so maybe we will even consider making this a series - today DR announced Copenhagen as hosting city for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.


Playful Copenhagen

Very few theme parks have managed to stick to their authentic atmosphere like Tivoli in Copenhagen. Opened in 1843 Tivoli is still one of the most frequented theme parks in Europe. The park offers modern rides and top restaurants but is also still full of antique merry-go-rounds and vintage Ferris wheels. Walt Disney during a trip overseas with his wife Lilly visited Tivoli Gardens. Walt was so impressed with the Danish amusement park, he immediately decided Disneyland should try to emulate its "happy and unbuttoned air of relaxed fun."

Herning does have it's own Tivoli by the way - so whomever is stuck with his hotel reservations in the other Eurovision candidate city, can still spend a day or two there.

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Last modified onMonday, 02 September 2013 19:13
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